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Damim: A Fine Game Of Nil

June 17, 2019

Damim: A Fine Game Of Nil

Hailing from the UK, bringing a brand of death and black metal tinged thrash is Damim with their upcoming release titled A Fine Game Of Nil. Keeping their roots firmly planted in the foundation of thrash, Damim sew in elements of death metal and even black metal to create an overall unique sound. Full of fury and adrenaline, Damim march forth from track to track to present you with a forty-five minute fiery assault. With shredding riffs, tumultuous drumming and a unique vocal performance that varies from gritty throaty yells to cleans, Damim creates a thrashing storm that is easy to get caught up in.

Damim wastes no one’s time as they march you straight toward their ripping brand of thrash as soon as you press play. Taking you on their head bang inducing journey through scorched soundscapes, Damim keeps their sound tight, technical and neck ruining. A Fine Game Of Nil does a good job of pulling you in, keeping things interesting and having you stay for the entirety of its run time. Through each of the nine tracks attached to this title, you are not to hear the same thing twice as Damim does a good job of switching their sound and tempo up keeping you on your toes.

For the first four tracks you are given no reprieve or room to breathe as Damim scorches through each track until you reach Necrokino 1644. Necrokino 1644 provides you with a nice atmospheric and near serene lead in that captivates and has your head swirling around its ethereal and at times haunting sounds. Even then, that is still broken by slashing riffs and barreling drumming half way through leaving this track shocking you back to reality. The only other moment of solace you are to find within this release is when the track Existential Epiphany Within appears. Existential Epiphany Within comes complete with great acoustic guitars and an enveloping atmosphere that takes your mind through vivid soundscapes.

The two tracks listed above are the only ones that gift you some sort of solace before you are shoved head first back in to the maelstrom of thrash that Damim brings to the table. Not only that, but it shows that Damim are not afraid to do something a little different and experiment, and it works. Whether you are greeted by face shredding thrash, or near serene atmospheric sounds, Damim does them both well through this offering. A Fine Game Of Nil is a cohesive and well rounded album that is entirely engaging and entertaining.

A Fine Game Of Nil will be released June 28 through Czar of Crickets Productions and Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

Check out the official play through of Beyond the Call of Emptiness from the upcoming release below!

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