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Cold Curse: Violent Measure

June 18, 2019

Cold Curse: Violent Measure

In a violent mashing of hardcore and death metal, Cold Curse is set to unleash a brand new offering titled Violent Measure. Taking ques of course from hardcore, death metal and even thrash, Cold Curse emits a foundation leveling and neck folding sound. There are four tracks attached to Violent Measure, each one of them as intense and volatile as each other. This spine ruining offering is just that as Cold Curse bulldoze from one track to the next, shattering your bones with their anvil heavy and unrelenting sound.

Right out of the gate, Cold Curse hits you hard with their opening track Clandestine. This rampaging offering lights you up from the drop of the first note already leaving you bloodied and your brain bruised well before it is over. Clandestine is a great tone setter for what is left to come, as the remaining three tracks that follow fall in line with its skull shattering assault. Never are you given a moment to breathe through the four offerings within this title as Cold Curse rampage from track to track leaving you battered and broken from their caustic death tinged metallic hardcore assault.

Undeniably potent and venomous, Violent Measure steamrolls you in to your own six foot deep hole. As short as each track is, they are incredibly destructive and leveling. Battering you from the first second onward, Cold Curse never relent as they keep their torrid pace all throughout catching you up in a pure cyclone of mayhem. Undeniably wicked and spine bending, Cold Curse provide you with something here that will definitely get you head banging and mashing your brain against your skull in no time.

Through and through, Violent Measure is a great release. This is a very entertaining and heavy release that will have you coming back for more destruction and mayhem.

Violent Measure will be released July 12 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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