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Birdflesh: Extreme Graveyard Tornado

June 22, 2019

Birdflesh: Extreme Graveyard Tornado

Over one decade after the release of their last album The Farmer’s Wrath, grind stalwarts Birdflesh are back with a brand new record titled Extreme Graveyard Tornado. Always having a unique take on grindcore, Birdflesh mix thrashy elements with tongue in cheek entertaining lyrics and an overall fun atmosphere and the same can be said about this release as well. Totaling twenty-four tracks, Birdflesh offer up ripping grinding tracks one after the next providing you with a serious case of whiplash. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is a maelstrom of chaos and skull grinding madness with an air of comedy that really makes this offering entirely entertaining and hard to step away from.

Each track is a punchy and bulldozing effort that gets your neck folding in half before you realize that your neck will be at a ninety degree angle for ever. Forever pumped full of energy and adrenaline, Birdflesh tear from offering to offering with slashing riffs and ever tumultuous drumming along with throat shredding vocals to present you with an entirely chaotic and brain bruising sound. Ever relentless, Birdflesh unleash their caustic assault, attacking from all sides offering up a truly blistering skull sanding sound that truly is undeniable.

You can’t not have fun while listening to Extreme Graveyard Tornado as you come across tracks such as: Milkshake Is Nice, Bite the Mullet, Garlic Man and many more. All while keeping their grinding and thrashing edge, Birdflesh still keeps things humorous and tongue in cheek all throughout. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is wacky, addictive and highly entertaining as you are provided with nothing but twenty-four straight tracks of high octane grinding punishment. You will find your head rolling on the floor before you know it.

After eleven long years Birdflesh shows no signs of slowing what so ever with this release. And as a matter of fact they pick up right where they left off with the same torrid and earth scorching pace that is so recognizable. From beginning to end you are presented with top notch musicianship, great vocals and production. This is a well rounded offering that you will not get tired of listening to no matter how many times you do. Birdflesh is back and it top notch form with Extreme Graveyard Tornado.

Extreme Graveyard Tornado will be released June 28 through Everlasting Spew Records.

Check out the single Crazy Train Decapitation below!

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