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Undoer: Survival Is A Myth

June 23, 2019

Undoer: Survival Is A Myth

Three tracks and twenty-two total minutes of scathing blackened metal is what you come face to face with in Undoer’s release Survival Is A Myth. Survival Is A Myth is a dynamic, violent and ever flesh ripping release as it jumps out at you from second one until the last. Providing you with a non stop barrage of a pure blistering blackened maelstrom, Undoer tear from track to track providing you with an entirely soul cleaving effort. Without gimmick and pushing all fads to the wayside, Undoer presents you with a raw and punishing blackened sound that you cannot turn away from. From beginning to end Undoer ushers forth their brand of earth scorching black metal that leave nothing but wreckage and soulless bodies in their wake.

Unhinged yet controlled and precise, Undoer presents you with an overall ripping and life stealing effort. Never to relent, Undoer pushes forth from track to excellent malevolent track ever storming through aiming to drag you asunder to depths not yet reached. Filled with fury and hell fire, Survival Is A Myth comes storming out of hell’s gates to greet you with a dynamic and scalding sound that comes at you in blistering waves of malevolence. Rooted firmly in the vein of ancient black metal, Undoer adds modern black metal to the mix to create a fresh, technical and unique sound that is wholly undeniable. Each of the three tracks that are present here within this title are excellently crafted spells of blackened debauchery.

Hitting you with an undulating madness, Undoer terrorizes from beginning to end as they stomp through each track gifting you nothing but pure, top notch black metal that aims to do nothing but claim your soul for themselves. Once one razor sharp onslaught ends the next begins never to give you a moment of reprieve, only to provide you with a plague of blood boiling black metal. With each track being on the lengthier side it allows Undoer to captivate you mind and usher it through the vast and harrowing soundscapes in which they unfold before you. From the drop of the first note, you become gripped by a cold hand from the abyss that takes you on a pummeling sonic journey never too release its grasp until Survival Is A Myth concludes.

Ever engaging, twisting and ripping, Undoer offers up a full and cohesive sound that is entirely captivating and memorable. From the song writing, to the great musicianship to the dissonant hellish screams and everything in between, Survival Is A Myth is an excellent release. This offering is twenty-two minutes of black metal mastery that leaves you wanting more and reaching for the play button over and over again.

Survival Is A Myth will be released in a physical format by Sun & Moon Records June 25.

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