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Goatskullt: Kinahmia

June 26, 2019

Goatskullt: Kinahmia

Shaped and molded by blistering darkness, Goatskullt storms forth with their second official offering titled Kinahmia. This EP comes complete with six total tracks that offer up a blistering yet entirely atmospheric sound. With ever furious riffs paired with undulating foreboding atmosphere, each offering is gripping and all enveloping. Keeping their sound firmly rooted in the vein of ancient black metal, Goatskullt twists in a modern brand of black metal making their overall sound their own. Through this release you are treated to nothing but earth scorching atmospheric black metal that grips you tightly never to release you until you have finally sunken in to the darkened corridors in which Goatskullt unfurls before you.

To begin their effort, Goatskullt lulls you in with a foreboding electronic opening track titled Cosmic Wolves. Cosmic Wolves draws you in immediately with its unique electronic sound that is all together foreboding and captivating. Once Cosmic Wolves has your full attention, it fades in to obscurity to make way for the blistering offering Dancing Towards Supremacy. Dancing Towards Supremacy is a full fledged blackened aural assault that hits you with razor sharp riffs, ever tumultuous drumming and gritty hellish vocals. This track is what you will come to hear from Goatskullt through the remainder of Kinahmia as it offers up a ripping sound that is paired with great atmospherics.

Goatskullt does a great job of balancing their torrid black metal blitzkrieg with atmospheric tendencies. Not one track has one without the other making each offering a well rounded and cohesive onslaught of blistering madness. With malevolence and fury, Goatskullt marches forth from track to track to present you with nothing but slashing and soul stealing black metal that cannot be denied. With sharpened riffs assaulting you from all sides and the atmospheric qualities sinking you deeper in to a darkness devoid of light, you are provided with six solid soul stealing tracks one right after the next. The only reprieve that you are provided is when the fifth track appears that offers up pure chilling atmosphere, but even then the darkness calls only for you to be pushed head first in to the final blistering assault.

The final track Pyhä Maa even features a somewhat different sound that what you have previously heard through Kinahmia. With Pyhä Maa you are presented with less sharpened riffs, drumming that isn’t as threatening and vocals that switch between cleanly sung vocals and gritty hellish vocals. Everything that was just mentioned is just the first half of the track as Goatskullt kick it in to high gear once again in the second half, shredding the flesh from your bones and providing you with a proper aural assault. Pyhä Maa is a great ending track as Goatskullt offers up a different and unique sound than what you heard in previous offerings for the first half, yet they conclude the track and the entire release on a completely blistering note.

Overall, Kinahmia is a very solid release as you are presented with six blistering, yet atmospheric and foreboding tracks that you keep coming back to.

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