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Saturno: Live Session

June 29, 2019

Saturno: Death on Hold

Shifting and shaping numerous genres in to a spine bending heavy mold is Saturno. By combining the likes of death metal, doom and elements of black metal you can come to expect a sound that is murky yet flesh tearing all the same. The track is titled Death on Hold and it is down right monstrous. Through this track, Saturno does a great job of mixing up tempos as they trudge forth with their foundation of murky sludge filled doom only to change gears and tear in to you with their devastating death metal assault. Through this eight minute offering you will hear Saturno shape shift their sound at numerous times presenting you with plenty of variety and an overall bone shattering sound.

Never to lurch from one sound to the next, Saturno is seamless in their transitions between murky doom and their all out aural death metal barrage. With riffs steeped in sludge, they drag you through soundscapes that are dense and all consuming only to switch to rampaging, ripping riffs through the death metal pieces. Combined with the ever caustic riffing are pounding drums and bone shaking bass lines only to be complimented by unearthly vocals. The musicianship through Death on Hold is great as are the vocals that rip through your ear drums. As each second ticks off of the run time, you get drawn further and further in to the dark and murky soundscape that Saturno unfolds right before you.

Each element to this offering is done so well never to make anything feel out of place. Death on Hold is a well constructed wall of bulldozing metal that is sure to bury you underneath cold soil before all is said and done. The mixture of death metal, doom and elements of black metal here work so well in cohesion to provide you with an entirely varied and diverse sound that is hard to deny. The second track on this live demo starts off differently as it is a complete barbaric death metal offering that comes complete with flesh tearing riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are just as savage as they were on the track Death on Hold.

This second offering is an uptempo rampage through fields of murky death for the majority of the eight and a half minute run time. A little over half way through this track titled Fire in the Sky, Saturno switches gears to provide you with even more sludge filled, captivating doom. From the second half of the track onward, Saturno marches forth with their brand of darkened yet entirely gripping style of doom metal that captivates your mind and has it wander through passages of near ethereal doom. Near the end of Fire in the Sky, Saturno once again changes gears offering up another minute of blistering death metal to end the track, leaving you buried.

Through both tracks, Saturno shows off what they truly are capable of. Each offering utilizes each genre to its fullest extent never to have any of the genres feel out of place or in the way of the overall tone. Each track is a well done and well constructed offering that is to surely please the fans of death, doom and black metal. No matter if you are a fan of just one of the genres in which they employ, you will find something here for you. Saturno hit the nail on the head with each of these tracks, making them to be incredibly memorable as you will continue to play them on repeat.

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