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VHS: We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs

July 1, 2019

VHS: We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs

In a gruesome amalgamation of death metal, punk and thrash, VHS continue to terrorize graveyards and this time it is with their third full length titled We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs. This zombifying, vein draining offering features fourteen total tracks of flesh tearing savagery. From one track to the next you are greeted by nothing but brain masticating metal. Through this release, VHS marches through each offering at a torrid pace, aiming to claim your life only to reanimate you to make you a part of their ever growing horde of animated corpses.

To start their new wicked offering off, VHS greets you with Full Scream Ahead. Full Scream Ahead is an ambient intro that sounds like an opening credit sequence track of an 80’s horror movie. As the foreboding intro plays you become further and further immersed in the atmosphere, until it fades into obscurity only for you to become pelted by the remaining thirteen flesh devouring offerings. Once the intro does subside, you are subjected to one track after the next of terrorizing metal. Through this release, VHS does a great job of incorporating the numerous genres in which they employ to create a unique sound.

Within certain tracks you can hear influences from all of the genres they utilize and in other offerings you will catch a pure death metal influence, thrash, punk or even hair metal influence. Through We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs, VHS does a great job of mixing up their sound through each of thirteen tracks to provide you with an incredibly diverse and varied sound. Never are you to hear the same thing twice as VHS continuously shifts and shapes their sound to however they see fit. No matter what sound it is that you come across through whichever track, each one is just as heavy and face eating as the next.

Not only is each track within We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs spinal fluid draining heavy, but they are just as catchy and memorable. You will not leave your listen without each track becoming embedded in your brain like a parasite. Sooner rather than later you will have each cut rolling around in your head for quite some time. VHS has always struck a great balance between being as heavy as they can be with constantly providing entertaining and highly memorable tracks, and that certainly remains true with We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs.

VHS has done it once again with We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs as they offer up yet another heavy yet entirely memorable record. VHS continues to impress and continues to offer up a brand of metal that is entirely unique and incredibly entertaining.

We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs will be unleashed July 26 through Rotten Roll Rex for physical releases and HPGD Productions for the digital release. Pre-orders are available here and here.

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