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Tales of Blood: Stuffing The Graveyard

July 6, 2019

Tales of Blood: Stuffing The Graveyard

Adding corpses to an ever growing collection, stacking them in a shallow grave comes death horde Tales of Blood. Their new effort titled Stuffing The Graveyard comes complete with eleven new ripping offerings that are as barbaric and savage as you would imagine. With tracks such as: Pregnant And Cut To Pieces, Vacant Slaughter Job, Sadistic Force Feeding and more, you can come to expect nothing but grisly and gruesome death and that is exactly what you get. In an ever unrelenting, life claiming fashion, Tales of Blood march from track to track ripping flesh clean from bone and draining veins of their crimson essence. Unapologetic and down right barbaric, Stuffing The Graveyard eviscerates and lacerates through and through leaving you as food for the worms to claim.

Never to ease you in to their sickening brand of savagery, Tales of Blood sets in immediately with a skull cracking track titled Dissect And Murder. Setting the grisly tone for the remainder of the release, Dissect And Murder hits you with a raw sound that comes to life with cutting riffs, ever bone cracking drumming and bloodied vocals that roar up from the caverns of the mutilated. The savagery doesn’t stop at the first track of course as Tales of Blood rampages forth with murderous intent. Rolling from offering to viscera stained offering, Tales of Blood continues their killing spree leaving nothing but mutilation and evisceration in their wake.

Ever slaughtering and flesh gnawing, each track is a vile creation that aims to take your life. Mutilating and destructive, each offering hits you and hits hard leaving you bloodied and lifeless at the end of it all. Stuffing The Graveyard is a straight forward and bloodied death metal record that is devoid of filler and fads to present you something that is entirely bleeding raw and beheading. The butchery never ceases until the final gnarled note flies through your speakers severing the last tendon in your neck leaving you head rolling at your feet.

Through and through, Stuffing The Graveyard is a great release as it offers up nothing but eleven pure, unfiltered and gutting tracks of malignant death. From the mangling musicianship, the throat cutting vocals and the overall raw production, you are treated to a true horrifying, entirely sinister and vile piece of death metal. Ever unapologetic, ruthless and relentless, Stuffing The Graveyard is a very solid, mutilating release that is sure to please the sickening minds of death metal fans all over.

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