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Radien: Aste

July 8, 2019

Radien: Aste

In murky sludge and bitter black metal, Radien joins the two at the head to create a wall of reverberating noise sure to shake foundations. Within their newest offering Aste, Radien features two new tracks that sew the aforementioned genres together to create something entirely damning, dark and down right punishing. Ever engaging and gripping, Radien reaches out with the cold hand of death pulling you ever further in to the dark reaches of their soundscapes in which they weave. As heavy and bone crumbling as this release is, it is just as mesmerizing and captivating all the same. Through each of the two tracks you are greeted by not only brain rattling sludge and soul claiming black metal, but an atmosphere that is grim and foreboding. With this atmosphere lurking among the wall of murky noise, you are treated to something entirely sinister yet gripping all the same.

Foreboding is the operative word to use here as both tracks loom large and present you with an overall sound that makes you feel as though your life is to be claimed at any second. Radien begins Aste with the opener Tuune that begins with a low buzzing sound accompanied by wailing ghostly singing. This lead in fades around the four minute mark where Radien begins to kick things off by greeting you with a reverberating wall of crushing riffs and primal hellish screams. Through this track Radien trudges forth offering up a truly murky sound submerging you underneath its sheer weight and grimy sludge. The riffs are massive, the bass lines are bone rattling, the drumming precise and the vocals banshee like. Tuune is a rumbling force that ever marches forth for its twelve and a half minute run time. Tuune lurches forth with intent to bury you underneath the heaping droves of trudging riffs, forever keeping that foreboding atmosphere undulating underneath the massive wall of blistering noise. Radien doesn’t waste any time with Tuune as they set in with the intent to grip and grab your attention from the start, and doing an excellent job of just that. For its entirety, you are its captive audience as it marches forth until it fades into obscurity to make way for the second and final track Haudat.

Haudat begins with an unearthly low buzzing and atmospheric guitar work only to make way for a incredibly thunderous bass lines around two minutes in. The bass is notable here as it has enough potency to level a building. Around the three minute mark, that bass melts in to harsh and punishing noise that comes from massive riffs and those hellish throat cutting vocals. Haudat is a massive track that steamrolls you for ten and a half minutes giving you no reprieve as you suffocate underneath this track’s sheer weight. Once you become accustomed to the sinister wall of noise, Radien switches gears once again to present you with a sound not all too familiar until now. Near the four minute mark Radien breaks out what sounds like a saxophone to greet you with a wonderful and easing tone. The incorporation of the saxophone (if that’s what it is) is great and the inclusion is done so well that it really fits with the rest of the track. The serene sounds of the instrument don’t last however as once it fades in to the ever quickening abyss you come face to face with an eclectic ambient sound of jarring noises. For the remainder of the three plus minutes you come subject to these noises until they too fade out and leave your head spinning. Haudat is a great closing track as it offers up some of the same trudging, black metal infused sludge as you would expect plus something entirely unique.

Overall, Aste is a very solid effort as it provides you with two well constructed, written and executed offerings. Each of the two tracks within this EP are twisting, dark, murky and spine bending heavy. Aste is an all consuming effort that engulfs you from the very beginning only to spit you out the other side once the final note rings through. Through and through, Aste is a great EP, and not much more needs to be said than that now.

Aste is out now through Bunkkeri Records.

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