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Hammerhands: Model Citizen

July 10, 2019

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Hammerhands: Model Citizen

Blurring the lines between doom, sludge, stoner rock, noise rock and even more, Hammerhands offers up a truly eclectic, unique and incredibly heavy sound. Within their new upcoming record Model Citizen, you are treated to nine total tracks of unrelenting, fuzzed out, monstrous offerings one right after the next. Never does Hammerhands slow their roll as they march onward from offering to offering burying you under the sheer weight of the wall of noise that they produce. With their overall monstrous sound comes bone rattling and the shaking of foundations and the more that you listen the more that your brain rattles in its skeletal domain.

From the very beginning Hammerhands captivates as they offer up a truly unrelenting and pummeling sound immediately. No intros are to be heard here as Hammerhands gets you acquainted with their brand of punishing noisy metal from the get go. Each of the nine tracks within this release are massively heavy and spine bending as they never cease in their murky, fuzz drenched assault. Each offering is a true wall of punishing noise that aims to bury you underneath their sheer weight, and they succeed. You are gifted no real reprieve or solace from the skull numbing noise that Hammerhands produces as they lumber from one bone shattering effort to the next submerging you in a murky sludge filled sound.

The amalgamation of numerous genres here works wonderfully as each genre has its place. One would imagine that incorporating so many unique genres would sound like a mess, but that is quite far from the truth here. Each of the nine tracks harbored within Model Citizen is a cohesive and comprehensive effort that is well written and constructed to provide you with a unique and overall crushing sound. Hammerhands has worked out a formula that works oh so well ultimately providing you with a gripping and all consuming sound that is truly undeniable.

Throughout, Hammerhands consistently switches tempos and tones forever shifting soundscapes and bending them to their mighty will. Never are you to hear the same sound come from Hammerhands as they constantly change gears to keep you on your toes and guessing as to what you are to hear next. Each track is holds a different sound, different soundscape and different tempo ultimately providing you with something unique through each second and each minute that passes.

With fuzz drenched riffs, thunderous bass lines, pounding drumming, a wide range of vocals and more, Hammerhands offers up a highly entertaining, well constructed and entirely spine snapping heavy effort. Through and through, Model Citizen is something to behold as it is monolithic and monstrous. With this being their third release, Hammerhands continues to push the envelope to create music that is refreshing to listen to as it is always something that has not yet been heard. Overall, Model Citizen is a fantastic record.

Model Citizen will be unleashed July 19.

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