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Bleach Everything: So We Gnaw

July 13, 2019

Bleach Everything: So We Gnaw

Hardcore punk collective Bleach Everything came to be in 2012 and after releasing several singles and an EP they recently released their debut full length titled So We Gnaw. So We Gnaw is filled with seven punchy and head caving tracks that get your fist pumping and your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Without so much as a warning, Bleach Everything set in immediately making their ferocious and energetic presence known. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but whiplash inducing hardcore that gets right underneath your skin from second one. Grabbing a hold of you never to let go until the final metallic note rings through, So We Gnaw is an engaging, volatile and highly entertaining effort.

Fast, unrelenting and unapologetic in their metallic assault, Bleach Everything stomps from one leveling track to the next. Never offering a moment of reprieve, Bleach Everything continues a torrid pace through each offering never to let their foot off the gas until the final note rings through. With heavy riffage, pounding drumming, prominent bass lines and venomous vocals, Bleach Everything provides you with a bombastic and energetic sound that does a great job of getting you up and right out of your seat.

So We Gnaw has a great ability of worming its way into your brain and manifesting there for some time to come. Each of the seven tracks present within So We Gnaw are all memorable explosive cuts that will rattle around in your head once you finally are done listening. Each track is just as ferocious and neck bending as the last making the entire release to be an adrenaline pumping, head bang inducing onslaught. If you aren’t head banging and thrashing about while listening to So We Gnaw you may not have a pulse.

Loud, accosting, bombastic and down right heavy, So We Gnaw has it all. Through and through this release is great as it is entirely engaging and incredibly entertaining. Not a single track is an outlier when it comes to memorability or heaviness as each one is just as heavy and memorable as the one(s) that came before it. From the drop of the first note you become ensnared in the clutches of Bleach Everything only for them to let you go once So We Gnaw has finally concluded. With each track being as punchy and energetic as they are, this is an incredibly solid and highly entertaining record. If you are a fan of hardcore and punk, you cannot go wrong with So We Gnaw.

So We Gnaw is out now!

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