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Unburnt: Arcane Evolution

July 14, 2019

Unburnt: Arcane Evolution

Formed underneath a swirling miasma of black metal and death, Unburnt is set to unleash their newest offering, a four track EP titled Arcane Evolution. While mixing both damning black metal and face shredding death metal, Unburnt offer up a truly cohesive and well rounded sound that is incredibly hard to deny. As punishing and unrelenting as their overall sound is, it is just as rhythmic and melodic. Through each of the four tracks that are present here you will come face to face with forceful driving riffs, ever charging drumming and monstrous vocals that switch between unearthly growls to a more mid toned black metal scream. Arcane Evolution is an scorching and down right neck snapping release that provides you with some incredibly heavy and down right memorable tunes all within four offerings.

Each track harbored within this title are all unique and varied. Never do you hear the same thing twice through each track or even within the same track. Unburnt does a great job of keeping you on your toes as they morph and shape their sound to how they see fit. Ever an eclectic and shape shifting sound, Unburnt offers up four great tracks that push forth to provide you a wicked overall blackened death metal sound that is sure to shred the flesh from your face.

Memorable, infectious, heavy, melodic and so much more, Unburnt has it all here within Arcane Evolution. There isn’t a track that is weak in any fashion as Unburnt hits the nail right on the head throughout this release. Each cut is greatly technical, melodic, rhythmic, gripping and engaging as each one worms their way into your head only to manifest themselves there for some time to come. Arcane Evolution is an undeniable release, one that provides you with four wicked tracks one right after the next that melt your face and have your head on a swivel once you neck has been surely snapped.

Through this release, Unburnt strikes a great balance between having an overall punishing sound and yet have it be so very melodic all the same. Unburnt has a great knack for grabbing you by the throat from the very get go, grabbing your attention making you their captive audience until the final track has ended. Through and through, Arcane Evolution is a down right ripper of a release that offers up four technical and incredibly heavy tracks that you will not be able to shake. For fans of black metal, death metal or extreme metal in general, there is something here for just about everyone as Unburnt creates an overall tight and cohesive sound.

Arcane Evolution will be unleashed August 16th.

You can find pre-orders now right here!

Check out the two singles Sorrow-Bearing Enemy and A Reason to Live from the upcoming release Arcane Evolution below!

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