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Insurrection: Circles Of Despair

July 17, 2019

Insurrection: Circles Of Despair

Twisting death metal and thrash together to create an overall explosive, yet melodic and memorable sound, Insurrection is set to unleash their upcoming offering Circles Of Despair. Within this release you are treated to ten earth torching and neck wrecking offerings one right after the next. Never to slow, Insurrection mashes the proverbial pedal through the floor from the very beginning never to let up until the tenth and final track has concluded. As heavy and face ripping as each offering is, they are not without melody as each track is just as melodious as they are skull scorching. Through and through you are treated to ten great metallic onslaughts of thrashing madness that melt the flesh straight off of your face.

A lot of thrash tends to sound quite alike so it is a nice breath of fresh air to hear what Insurrection brings to the table. With their incorporation of death metal in to their thrash metal foundation, Insurrection offers up a truly destructive and cohesive sound. A little smattering of death metal within this release goes quite a long way to provide you with a heavy, hellish and down right skull smashing sound that is hard to shake. Never once does Insurrection let one genre take the spot light from the other as they mesh both together seamlessly having them work in hellish concert.

Through flesh flaying riffs, incredible precise and explosive drumming and vocals that range from manic screams to unearthly growls, Insurrection blasts forth with potency and power. Each of the ten offerings that are sewn in to this title are just as heavy and neck snapping as the one(s) that came before it. In great technicality and ferocity, Insurrection ushers forth one ripping tune right after the next. Never to gift you a moment of solace, these thrashing madmen trap you within a scalding maelstrom of lacerating metal from the very get go only to spit you out the other side with your face melted from your skull.

With insane speed, technicality, great song writing and cohesion, Insurrection storms through the gates with Circles Of Despair to offer up a truly great record. Through Circles Of Despair there is plenty of variety and diversity. There are no recycled sounds throughout this release as you are presented with a new bombastic sound with the turn of each track. This release is incredibly entertaining, memorable and heavy making it to be an outstanding offering.

Circles Of Despair will be unleashed unto the masses August 30.

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