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Poroniec: Demo

July 20, 2019

Poroniec: Demo

Hailing from Krakow, Poland comes black metal wizards Poroniec, and up from the depths with them comes their demo. Released earlier this year, this demo comes complete with three offerings of nothing but blasphemous, soul cutting black metal. This two headed monster of a band provides you with a potent, chilling and venomous sound that is sure to drag your soul asunder. From beginning to end you are treated to a true blackened onslaught, never to relent as you are greeted by vicious riffs, artillery drumming and hellish vocals at every turn. Poroniec does a great job of gripping you by the throat from the very get go, only to submerge you in their miasmal sound never for you to be released.

Poroniec begin their demo with a haunting and chilling intro before having you dive head first in to their sonic maelstrom of blistering blackened blasphemy. Each of the three tracks that are present within this demo are tight, technical, soul reaping efforts that are supported by an undulating atmosphere. Poroniec stay true to the ancient roots of traditional black metal all while adding their own influences to the sound to create an overall cohesive and wonderfully dark and grim sound.

Through and through you are treated to nothing but light stealing black metal one track right after the next that grasps you with the cold hand of death only for you to be lead down darkened corridors of blasphemy. Each track melts straight in to the next offering, never giving you a moment of reprieve as you become under siege by yet another terrorizing offering. Ever charging from the drop of the first note, Poroniec is ceaseless in their malevolent savagery.

Within only three tracks, Poroniec creates an enveloping sound and harrowing soundscapes that are equally engaging and horrifying. This demo is incredibly cohesive and well rounded as you are provided with three excellent blackened tracks that aim to steal your soul. With great musicianship, song writing, production, atmosphere and more, Poroniec creates something here that is sure to please black metal fans all over. If this is only a taste of what is to come, expect more great things from this band in the future.

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