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Death By Fungi: Die In Bombay

July 21, 2019

Death By Fungi: Die In Bombay

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Death By Fungi offers up a heavy and at times melodic hardcore sound that gets your neck cranking. With the incorporation of elements of punk, d-beat and more, Death By Fungi creates a heavy fist pumping sound that is undeniable. Formed in 2013, Death By Fungi have released one demo, an EP in 2015 followed by another EP in 2016, and now three years later they are on the verge of unleashing yet another EP by the name of Die In Bombay. Die In Bombay offers up four tracks of metallic hardcore fury that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time.

Death By Fungi does a great job of creating an overall unique hardcore sound that keeps you on your toes. Each of the four tracks that are present within this release display a wide range of diversity and variety as you are never to hear the same sound twice. Each of the influences that Death By Fungi utilizes through their incorporation of punk, d-beat, power violence and more can be heard and are palpable throughout the release. These tracks are cohesive, well rounded and constructed to create an overall well sewn together offering that provides you with plenty of diversity and plenty of metallic rampages.

As melodic and diverse as each track can be, that doesn’t detract from the fact that each offering is still powerful, potent, punchy and violent. As short as each track is, they surely pack quite the gut punch as each one stomps through each second with sharpened riffs, pummeling drumming and manic vocals that can be heard screaming up through the wall of hardcore madness. In great fury, explosiveness and violence, Death By Fungi offers up a skull caving, fist pumping sound that gets right underneath your skin from the very beginning.

Die In Bombay is a release that you have no problem listening to over and over again. Once you are finished with one listen you find yourself reaching for the play button yet again. Die In Bombay is an incredibly energetic, potent and powerful EP that hits and hits hard, never to stop until the final note calls through your speakers. Each track is a well written hardcore anthem that gets your head banging and your neck bending immediately. Death By Fungi brings something unique to the overall hardcore sound with this release, and it will surely please fans of hardcore, punk, d-beat and everything in between.

Die In Bombay will be released August 5.

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