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HellgardeN: Learned To Play Dirty (Single)

July 25, 2019

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HellgardeN: Learned To Play Dirty (Single)

Hailing from Brazil comes four piece groove metal outfit HellgardeN. Evoking influences from Pantera and the like, HellgardeN play a punchy and ultimately neck bending style of metal that gets your head banging in no time at all. Through this near five minute track you will come face to face with excellent guitar work, a great drum performance, rumbling bass lines and gritty gravel filled vocals that are screamed through the wall of groove filled metal. Learned To Play Dirty is a great head banging offering that leaves you wanting more and more as you wait in anticipation of their next full release. This is a great track through and through, one that will get stuck in your head for some time to come and a great indicator of what is to come from this band. Check out the official video for Learned To Play Dirty below!

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