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Breaking December: Into The Light

July 27, 2019

Breaking December: Into The Light

Hailing from Germany comes melodic death metal outfit Breaking December. While taking influences from the metalcore genre as well, Breaking December make their sound their own. Into The Light is the title of their upcoming EP, in which you will find three melodic, well constructed and performed tracks one right after the next. Breaking December has constructed a sound that is entirely memorable and head bang worthy as they treat you to great cleans, memorable choruses and more to provide you with a sound that sticks with you.

Through each track, Breaking December does a good job of incorporating their metalcore influences in to the overall death metal fold. Aggressive, yet melodic seems to be what they are aiming for and they certainly nail that sound right on the head. From the very beginning, as soon as you press play you realize that each of the three tracks will be stuck in your mind for some time. Each track is a well constructed offering that provides you with that aforementioned balance of aggression and melody that gets right underneath your skin.

Breaking December offers up solid musicianship, a clean production and vocals that switch between bloodied growls, mid screams and very good clean sung vocals that will have you belting the lyrics right out with the lead vocalist. The vocals are clear to understand making it easy for you to belt the choruses out along with the band, and you surely will be doing that. Each track is a well put together offering that will manifest itself in your mind for some time to come. Try as you might, you will not be able to shake these tracks.

Heavy, yet melodic and highly memorable, Breaking December have found a good formula for their overall sound. The mixture of death metal and metalcore here is a good one as you are treated to three well constructed offerings that are easy to come back to as you will. Through Into The Light you are provided with a pretty straight forward sound, but one that is well constructed, entertaining and memorable all the same. Overall, this is a solid release.

Into The Light will be released August 8, and you can pre-order this release here.

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