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Trench Warfare: Hatred Prayer

July 29, 2019

Trench Warfare: Hatred Prayer

In devastating, earth scorching terror comes Trench Warfare. In sewing the heads of black metal, death metal and war metal together, Trench Warfare creates a truly destructive and leveling sound that cannot be denied. Through their upcoming offering Hatred Prayer, you come face to face with twelve vicious neck snapping offering one right after the next. Throughout this release, Trench Warfare spew forth their terrorizing brand of metal to provide you with a truly flesh ripping and face melting sound. You are given no solace and no reprieve as Trench Warfare blitzes from track to track leaving you mangled at the end of it all. Hatred Prayer crushes and devastates from beginning to end indiscriminately leaving nothing but decimation and wreckage in its wake.

Trench Warfare wastes no time before getting you acquainted with their blood boiling brand of metal as they set in immediately, twisting your head off before you have any time to brace yourself for impact. This creation of sonic violence is a skull cracking, no bullshit offering that tears through you leaving you beaten and bloodied. There is not a single moment wasted throughout this release as you are treated to twelve straight offerings of pure destruction. No filler, no bullshit and no fluff is to be found here as what you get is true and pure devastation. Unbridled and apocalyptic, Hatred Prayer tramples and stomps over the weak leaving nothing but mayhem and scorched earth behind.

Hatred Prayer is blunt force trauma in sonic form. One wicked track turns to the next, each one chomping at the bit to mutilate and devastate with the passing of each second. Once the final explosive note crosses your speakers you feel as though you have been put through the wringer as you leave the listen beaten and bloodied. With savage riffs that are coupled with chest hollowing drumming, rumbling bass lines and maniacal gritty vocals, Trench Warfare has created something here that is incredibly volatile, explosive destroying. Each track is just as mayhem and chaos fueled as the next, making this entire release one hell of violent and whiplash inducing ride.

This is an undeniably wicked record, one that snaps your head back from the very onset. Each track bulldozes and mangles and even so you keep coming back for more skin peeling madness. Hatred Prayer is one fuck of a great record as it offers up twelve uncompromising, unfiltered and down right spine severing tracks one right after the next. You cannot go wrong with this release as it will stand tall as one of the more impressive and better release to be unleashed this year.

Hatred Prayer is set to be released August 9 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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