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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Gravehammer: Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces

August 31, 2019

Gravehammer: Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces

Hailing from Germany comes Gravehammer and in tow with them their newest offering titled Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces. This EP is packed with four archaic and primeval death metal that does its best to drag you down to your rightful tomb. Raw, organic and down right marrow sapping, each track within this release is a punishing effort. Laden with elements of doom, Gravehammer incorporate those sounds into their foundation of grisly death to create an overall abyssal, grim and darkened sound. Forever enveloping and consuming, Gravehammer usher forth four tracks that are as gnashing and detrimental as you would wish them to be as they provide you with nothing but ancient death.

There are no tricks here and no fluff as what you get is four solid tracks one right after the next. Gravehammer displays here that you do not need any studio trickery or anything of the like to create a true beast of a release. This EP is entirely organic and raw sounding making it that much more potent and powerful. Savage and destructive from beginning to end, Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces is a monster of an EP as it never ceases in its grisly aural assault.

The mixture of death and doom here is great as it creates not only a full on flesh tearing death metal sound but you are also presented with slow dirges of haunting soul stealing doom. Gravehammer does a great job of mixing the two together, changing tempos and transitioning between death metal and doom seamlessly to create an overall cohesive and comprehensive sound. While their overall death metal assault drags you to the grave, their doom elements drag you asunder into a never ending abyss from which you will not return.

Through and through, this EP is a very great release as it provides you with four great tracks. Each track is just as good and well executed as the last making this entire EP incredibly well rounded. Not a single second is wasted as each one is packed with bleeding raw death that drags you in forever capturing you within the labyrinth of death and doom that Gravehammer creates. From the musicianship, to the gutting vocals to the organic and raw production, everything here is done so well, you would be mistaken not to give this release a listen.

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Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

August 30, 2019

Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

In true terror and sickening lobotomizing fashion, Horrific Demise ushers forth a nasty and gnarled brand of brutal death that is not to be ignored. Through their new titled Excruciating Extermination you come face to face with nine gruesome and impaling offerings one right after the next. Forever punishing and unrelenting, Horrific Demise roll from one track to the next providing you with a truly unforgiving and gutting offering that leaves you covered in viscera and your own flayed organs. There is no filler or fluff here as what you get is pure savagery and barbarity from beginning to end. This is a true brutal death assault that does not compromise as it ushers forth nine sickening tracks of unfiltered and dehumanizing filth.

Excruciating Extermination begins its terrifying assault with Born From Brutality, which lulls you in with a lead in filled with what sounds like Spanish guitars, until all hell unleashes just a mere thirty seconds in. After that nice little lead in, Horrific Demise assaults and buries the listener underneath droves of rot and fetid remains until you become one with the stagnant pile. Without so much as a bat of an eyelash, Horrific Demise torment, torture and mutilate you leaving you as nothing more than blood splatter and hacked up worm food. Excruciating Extermination is a sonic wall of punishment and spine severing brutality that never ceases its precise onslaught until the final bloodied note rings through your speakers.

This release is unraveled, insane butchery at its finest. Through and through this is top notch brutal death that supplies you with flesh tearing riffs and drum work that barrels straight through your skull only to desecrate your brain. Bloodied, and inhuman, guttural roars crop up through the sonic wall of skin blistering madness. All of this culminates in to an entirely savage and vein bursting sound that you simply cannot turn away from. Each track is as barbaric and dehumanizing as the last as they leave you to rot and become fetid food for the creatures that dwell beneath the soil.

Excruciating Extermination is brutal death metal done perfectly. This release is entirely engaging, entertaining and down right spine severing. Truly gruesome, vile and unbelievably heavy, this release is something to behold. It is entirely monstrous as it rips your skin from flesh and flesh from bone, severing you and lobotomizing you at every single second that ticks off of the run time. Through and through, Excruciating Extermination is a true monster of brutal death and will stand atop as one of the best brutal death metal records to be unleashed this year.

Excruciating Extermination will be released September 6 through Comatose Music.

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Phobophilic: Undimensioned Identities

August 27, 2019

Phobophilic: Undimensioned Identities

Hailing from the frozen tundra that is North Dakota are death dealers Phobophilic. Through their upcoming release titled Undimensioned Identities you are treated to four horror filled, bleeding raw and bone masticating tracks. Devoid of filler, Phobophilic offers up four straight grave digging tracks one right after the next. Entirely a twisted mass of death and mayhem, Phobophilic rip straight through offering after offering to provide you with a truly savage and monstrous listen. Even as short as this release is, it certainly packs a massive brain mashing punch. Savage, brutal and down right flesh devouring, Undimensioned Identities is as vein draining and neck snapping as they come.

Plenty of new death metal bands follow in the footsteps of their death metal forefathers and that certainly includes Phobophilic. With that being said though, these tomb desecrators add their own deranged twist to the ancient genre to stand out and create a sound that is stylistically their own. With massive vein severing riffs and ever bulldozing drum work that are only to be paired with blood stained unearthly growls, Phobophilic creates a nasty and gnarled sound. Yet as raw as their sound is, it is concise, well crafted and appropriately murky making their overall sound cohesive and entirely well rounded.

Each offering is a slaughtering wall of death that flies out of their respective graves to offer you something that is truly barbaric yet entirely memorable. The four tracks that are present here are monsters that are to behold. Each one is just as grisly and gnarled as the last, and as heavy and brain stem severing as the last making this to be a deadly release overall. Undimensioned Identities as a whole is a maelstrom of ripping death that captures you from the very beginning only to lay you to rest as nothing more than a hollowed out form of your former self. Blood letting and incredibly wicked, Phobophilic present you with four great offerings one after the next that are nothing but pure, unfiltered and bleeding death.

Rotting, diseased, filled with horror and deadly terror, Undimensioned Identities is a great release. Phobophilic packs a lot in to only four tracks making this entire release comprehensive and entirely entertaining leaving you reaching to hit play again and again. Undimensioned Identities is criminally short leaving you wanting more of this refined bleeding death. This is an excellent release through and through, and nothing more needs to be said than that.

Undimensioned Identities will be released September 13 through Rotted Life.

You can pre-order this release here and here.

Grevia: Misophonic

August 25, 2019

Grevia: Misophonic

Blending death metal and grind together to create an unholy, brain splattering and entirely ferocious sound is Grevia with their debut EP titled Misophonic. This six track EP is an explosive and volatile offering that will rip your head from your shoulders without so much as a pause. Unforgiving, unyielding and unrelenting, Grevia usher forth a savage and destructive display of potent death grind that will melt your flesh from your bones. As short as this release is with most tracks topping just over the two minute mark, it more than makes up for in violence and pure savagery. Misophonic packs more than a punch as you feel as though you have been hit repeatedly with a lead pipe once all is said and done.

Each of the six tracks present here are pure outbursts of terrorizing noise and destruction, never for them to relent as they each leave nothing but devastation in their wake. There is no compromise here and there is no slowing Grevia down as they push the pedal through the floor from the very beginning until the final note crosses your speakers. Through and through you come face to face with six twisted, blood boiling and skin peeling death riddled grinding offerings that are entirely ceaseless. Rampaging from track to track, Grevia disregards human life completely to provide you with a neck twisting and life threatening sound.

In utter life dismantling fashion, Grevia ushers forth flesh slicing riffs that cut deep only pair them with machine gun fire drum work that barrels straight through your chest. Among the wall of grinding noise come bloodied and furious vocals that seem to be cropping up from the under belly of hell itself. As a whole, Misophonic is a grisly gnashing of death riddled grind that aims to pulverize you until you are nothing more than unidentifiable pulp. Each cut is a savage earth scorching effort that traps you within its fire laden vortex never for you to come out the other side unscathed. Misophonic is a terrorizing juggernaut of death and explosive destruction that you cannot simply turn away from.

In great sonic brain mashing violence, incendiary flesh melting savagery and neck twisting death, Grevia offers up something here with Misophonic that is truly devastating. Each track is a well constructed blitzkrieg of explosive violence that removes your head nearly immediately only to continue dismantling you until you are no more. The only grip that I have regarding this release is that it is criminally short. You will sit here and press play over and over again to bear witness to true and pure destruction. Overall, Misophonic is a great release and with this being the debut EP from these absolute monsters, it will be great to see what other life dismantling sounds they come up with in the future. For now however, we are graced with this monster of an EP and god damn it’s great.

Misophonic will be unleashed September 20 through Lethal Scissor.

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Alienatör: Pariahs

August 24, 2019

Alienatör: Pariahs

In great murky noise and in a wicked culmination of sludge and noise rock, Alienatör gift us with their thirteen track record titled Pariahs. Within this release you are to find nothing else but abrasive in your face music that does a great job of snapping your head back before you realize what’s going on. From beginning to end Alienatör offers up a truly murky, chunky yet noise filled sound that tears at your ear drums, but in the best possible way. Each track is a madhouse of artery stopping, head banging sludge and noise rock that you cannot simply turn away from.

Once you hit play you hear a twenty second static filled intro complete with news clips regarding drug use, and you quickly realize what you have stumbled in to. As soon as the intro fades, you immediately become hit with buzzing murky riffs that are backed by hard hitting drums and manic vocals that are screamed at you from every angle. The first full track you come across titled “False Hope” is a hard hitting, in your face offering that hits you immediately and ultimately traps you within the vortex of chaos that Alienatör produces here. Each track that follows the intro is a chaotic sludge filled wall that storms at you from every direction never giving you a chance to escape the noisy, sludge filled blitzkrieg that Alienatör ushers forth.

Through and through Pariahs is a record that gets right underneath your skin from the very beginning. This record does a great job of manifesting itself in your brain from the get go having you thrash around and bang your head until your brain bruises. Each track is a force of sludge filled reckoning that is incredibly potent and explosive. These thirteen tracks are volatile and explosive as each one shoots straight out of your speakers to provide you with a truly whiplash inducing listen that you will not soon forget. Bombastic and neck bending from the beginning to the end, Pariahs never stops its noise riddled rampage until the final scorching note crosses the boundaries of your speakers.

With all of that said, each track really is great and something to behold. The musicianship is great, the vocals are varied and solid, the production is clean and the song writing is good as well and that all comes together to create something that is wholly entertaining and unforgettable. Each of the thirteen tracks that are harbored within the chaotic walls of Pariahs are great as each one is just as good as the last. If you are looking for something unique, new, heavy, entertaining and head banging, you don’t have to look much further than Pariahs.

TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

August 22, 2019

TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

Never to be put in a box or pigeon holed, TripleMurder uses their heavy eclectic sound to produce variety and diversity. There is a lot that TripleMurder has to offer within their six track EP titled Pre-Meditated. From groove filled riffs, to heavy break downs, to searing solos, to varied vocals and more, TripleMurder packs this EP to the bursting point. Through six offerings, Pre-Meditated provides a wickedly heavy yet entirely memorable and entertaining listen. The one problem that you will run in to is that this EP is not nearly long enough, but that is a purely selfish complaint. Through the twenty plus minute run time you are treated to cohesive and very solid metal all the way through that will sure please the gnarled ears of death metal, deathcore and fans beyond those genres.

TripleMurder wastes zero time getting you acclimated and acquainted to their cohesive metallic sound as they set in immediately as soon as you press play. There is no intro to warm you up as TripleMurder thrusts you head first into their brand of head caving metal as they feed you chunky riffs that are backed by ripping grit filled vocals that pierce the wall of tumultuous drumming and shredding riffs. The meshing of death metal and deathcore works well here as TripleMurder sew the two heavy genres together to create an overall cohesive, groove filled and technical sound that is hard to deny. Each track is a well written storm of death that comes out swinging aiming to engulf you in all of its fury.

It isn’t just the grooves, or the killer vocals or the solid drum work, but it is also the breakdowns that tie each track together well too. The breakdowns are used sparingly throughout Pre-Meditated making them have more impact on each track. Not only are they used sparingly, but they aren’t your typical chugging, unearthly down tuned break downs either. Each one is neck bending heavy of course, but they seem to have more substance to them and each one is different from the last making each one unique. This all adds to the variety and diversity that TripleMurder utilizes to their immense benefit.

Through and through, Pre-Meditated is a very solid release. One that brings the heavy in droves, but it also is incredibly memorable and entertaining. Each track is just as good as the last and TripleMurder really show off their song writing abilities through each track. The six offerings present here are unique, heavy, varied, well constructed and much more which ultimately creates an incredibly great listening experience. As mentioned above, the only complaint is that this isn’t long enough but that’s just purely selfish.

TripleMurder has created something here with their debut that is flat out great through and through and really nothing else needs to be said other than that.

Pre-Meditated will be released September 20. You can pre-order this EP here and here.

Check out the official music video for the track Cannibalistic below!

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Abysmalist: Reflections of Horror

August 21, 2019

Abysmalist: Reflections of Horror

Titled Reflections of Horror, death metal outfit Abysmalist offers up a true, grime filled, grave stomping style of death metal that summons the sound of the ancients. Bleeding raw and grisly, Abysmalist treat you to four tracks that reach around the eighteen minute mark. Within those eighteen minutes you come face to face with flesh gnashing and ripping death metal that leaves you cold in a hollowed tomb. Filled with terrorizing horror and death, Reflections of Horror is a potent and vile offering that fills you with dread. Through and through this is a ripping release, one that will see you into your own early grave before the concise eighteen minutes is up.

Gutting from the first few seconds onward, Reflections of Horror marches onward to provide you with four excellent tracks of terror and demise. Never to cease their slaughter, each track is just as grisly and vile as the one that came before it. In pure terror and haunting horror, Abysmalist ushers forth a grimy brand of severing death metal that makes it sound as though the reaper closes in with the passing of each second. Riffs power forth tearing at your flesh as the drums barrel forth hollowing out your chest only for bloodied vocals roar through the mass of festering death.

Not only is each track as marrow draining as they are, but on occasion they are as haunting and chilling as they are devouring. With an underlying horror filled atmosphere complete with the occasional clean guitar, Abysmalist work in their own dense atmosphere that wraps up the listener in a chilling fog. You aren’t only getting purely assaulted by a truly monstrous sound, but you become consumed and enveloped in an atmosphere that is just as killer and potent.

Through and through, Abysmalist has crafted each track well to provide you with savage yet haunting death metal. Each track is a well crafted offering that grips you with the cold hand of death, only to release once the eighteenth minute finally comes to a close. Overall, Reflections of Horror is a very solid demo that features four great tracks one right after the next. Within a concise run time, Abysmalist offers up top notch death metal that should be noticed and taken note of. Reflections of Horror is a great entry in to the bloodied echelon of death.

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Featured Interview With Pieter Oevering From Insurrection

August 20, 2019

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to interview Pieter Oevering from Insurrection and ask him some questions about the band as well as their upcoming release Circles Of Despair. The interview is below, enjoy!

For a little background on the band, how did you choose the name Insurrection, and how did you come together as a band?

I actually don’t know how the guys came up with the name Insurrection. I know they used to call themselves Deathwish in the beginning of the band. It started with our guitarist Marten Hutten when he started writing songs with his buddy Sander Blok. When the first songs started to take form they went looking for members to complete the band. That’s how they found our drummer Douwe Talma and soon after that our guitarist Armand Venema. With this lineup they called themselves Insurrection and started doing the first shows. 

But after a few years things didn’t really work with Sander anymore. Different views and ambitions. So Sander left. At this time I was working as an intern at the Audioshape Studios. That’s where I met Douwe who was recording with his band Enraged in the studio. He told me about the vacant position of the band and asked me to do an audition for them as a vocalist and bass player.  

When first starting out, did you start out as a straight up thrash outfit, or had you always had the idea to intertwine death metal in to your thrash foundation? 

We didn’t really think about it in that way. We just tried to make the best songs with the best riffs we came up with. Looking back to it I realize we never aimed to be a full blown thrash outfit. There are enough of those bands already and we aimed more for our own unique style. Writing the best songs was always our main interest. Our songs need to be catchy and they need hooks. We want our songs to be catchy and to be remembered. 

Thrash over the years in certain regards had and has grown pretty stagnant with a lot of ideas and sounds being rehashed. Was there a driving force for you to want to make a more unique thrash sound? 

The whole process of creating our unique sound came remarkably natural to us. We are a band with 4 members with their own opinions and their own musical taste. Everyone in the band has their part in writing the songs. It takes a lot of compromising to imply all our own views into the songs. We went through a lot of trials and errors but now we know what works for us and what doesn’t work. The result is our unique blend of metal that we call Insurrection.

From your EP Catatonic to your full length Circles of Despair, what changes did you make to your sound if any? And how did the lyrical content from Catatonic to Circles of Despair change? 

We played a lot of shows since the release of ‘Catatonic’. Our sound matured and we grew as musicians. We invested more in gear and we went into the studio with way more preparations in comparison to ‘Catatonic’. We took more time for the recordings. And this time we knew what we wanted! ‘Catatonic’ was more, we just go to the studio and record our parts and let’s see what happens. This time we knew what we wanted to achieve for this album and we didn’t stop working on it until we were fully satisfied by the results. Lyrically I also feel like I’ve matured. I found out while growing up that I became way better in expressing myself. It’s easier for me now to create a mood using my lyrics.  

What were the driving forces for the themes in Circles of Despair? And what was the driving inspiration behind the lyrics to the tracks within this release? 

Most lyrics on the album are a point of view on certain events or certain feelings. They’re always a way to express myself. I found out it comes naturally for me to write lyrics from a personal point of view. I write the lyrics and sing the songs, screaming the lyrics this way keeps it real and personal. The recurring lyrical themes on the album are about losing hope until complete hopelessness. The relief you can find in that hopelessness until reaching the deepest depths. Self reflection, suicidal thoughts, hate and hearing the call of the comfort of an endless void. 

Can you tell me a little bit about the writing and recording process that went into making your new record? 

I already told a bit about our writing process. Just like on ‘Catatonic’ we used different studios for different instruments. The drums are recorded at the Audioshape Studios. The bass is recorded at the Oeversound studio. Guitars are recorded at the Vainman Studio. Vocals and some choir parts are recorded at the Tunnelgeur Studios. And finally the acoustic guitar and the cello is recorded at the Neushoorn Studio. This way we could focus on each instrument separately and really pull the best performance out of the situation. We are really proud about how it all came together especially with the help of Fredrik Nordstrom and the Fredman studios for mixing and mastering the album. 

The album art for Circles of Despair is amazing. What was the inspiration behind it, and what was the  message if there is one that you are trying to convey through it?

The artwork is done by Remedy Art Design. We found him while looking for inspiration for the artwork and we really liked his style. We sent him some songs and he made this for us. We are really pleased with the results, it matches our feelings about the music and it gives a really nice and memorable face to it.

If there was anything that you would feel like you wanted to change in Circles of Despair what would it be? 

I’m extremely proud of the final results. Wouldn’t change a thing. I listened to every song over a hundred times, there are some slight mistakes here and there, I think I’ve found them all by now. But editing them out would make it feel less honest and less real. With this album we captured our musical skills while we were on top of our game. This album is a reflection of our conjoined abilities of that time. There are some things I would like to do different now but that’s for the next album.

How has the reception been to Circles of Despair so far? 

So far it is beyond our expectations. Haven’t heard a bad thing about it yet. But the album isn’t out yet. I can’t wait until it’s finally released to the mass public on august 30th. In the end the opinion of our fans means the most to us.

Are you planning on touring in support of this release, and do you know where you’ll be touring?

There are some really cool shows coming up. We’re heading back to Germany for a few days in october. Some cool festival shows next summer. And of course some cool stuff in between but I can’t confirm any of that on this point. Just that we are planning to play a lot of shows all over Europe in support of this album.

 Finally, Is there anything that you would like to tell or say to your fans? 

Yeah, i would like to tell everyone who is slightly interested in our music that we really worked our asses off for this album. We were all broken by the end of the recording process. It took a lot of sweat, tears and other manly body fluids to make this product. We’ve just released a new music video taken from the forthcoming album. Check it out on Youtube:

I would also like to invite you all to give our album a fair listen when it comes out on august 30th and look for the emotional energy that we try to capture. I want you guys to find the pure passion and ambition we put into making this album. And enjoy it to the max of your ability. Play it loud so the neighbours can enjoy it to 😉 see you guys at our shows! And like us on facebook ofcourse:

Thank you for your time and for answering my questions, it is greatly appreciated. Circles of Despair will be unleashed August 30th!

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

August 19, 2019

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

In a reign of utter devastation and bone crushing heavy, Warcrab offer up their upcoming release. Titled Damned In Endless Night, Warcrab usher forth a brand of heavy that meshes together death metal and a dose of sludge that is enough to clog your veins. Ten total tracks, ten total tracks of murky death that drag you asunder in to the murky darkness whether you are prepared or not. Damned In Endless Night is amazingly heavy as it is down right crushing from beginning to end. Without looking back, forever pushing onward, Warcrab stomps forth with their spine bending brand of sludge riddled death for your twisted enjoyment. One track after the next you come face to face with a perfect balance of sludge and coffin packing death and the more that you listen, the closer you march toward your murky grave.

After a near serene two minute intro titled Perpetua that lulls you in to a false sense of calm, Warcrab hits you with buzzing, sludge filled yet ripping death metal in the following track Halo of Flies. In great cohesion, Warcrab mix both sludge and death metal together to create an impactful and devastating sound, and with Halo of Flies that is shown right off the bat. Quickly you become buried underneath the droves of thick, murky sludge riddled death, and before you know it you sink lower and lower in to a cavernous abyss. Each track that follows Halo of Flies is just as heavy and deadly, making this to be a true venomous and bone rattling listen.

No matter whether Warcrab offers up a true death metal rampage, or if they offer up a slower trudging sludge sound, or combine the two to create a truly menacing sound, you can be sure that it is going to be heavy. Each track following Perpetua is a sonic slab of grisly metal that is as menacing and terrorizing as you would imagine. Forever punishing and decimating, Warcrab trudges forth gifting you with one incredible track after the next. Damned In Endless Night as a whole is monstrous as it sounds like a titan emerging from the great depths of below. Bone rattling, destroying, deadly and wicked, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold as it is all consuming and enveloping.

Damned In Endless Night is a gripping release, one that takes hold of you from the drop of the first note onward, forever plunging you in to depths in which light does not exist. This release is grisly, nasty and down right crushing. It never relents in its sonic assault as it shifts from track to track aiming to fully envelope you in its titanic sound. The balance between sludge and death metal here is great as both work in sickening concert to provide you with an incredible sound that is wholly unforgettable. As massive and destructive as “Damned In The Endless Night” is, it is just as captivating and memorable, making this to be a truly exceptional release.

Overall, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch, unrepentant metal. In all of its murky and deadly glory, this release is incredible and certainly one of the top tier releases to come out this year.

Damned In Endless Night will be unleashed August 30 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Transcending Obscurity Official Site

Warcrab Facebook

Idolatry: In Normine Mortis

August 18, 2019

Idolatry: In Normine Mortis

In great malevolence and death comes black metal wraiths Idolatry with their sophomore effort titled In Normine Mortis. Released in May, this record features ten blackened, ever venomous and potent offerings that drag you asunder to a place where only death and suffering lie. Pestilent and life expunging, Idolatry offer up nothing but tightly knit blackened hymns that are ceaseless and unrepentant. Never to slow their wicked march, Idolatry ushers forth track after track of ripping black metal. Once you press play you become trapped in the vortex of malicious sonic blackened metal never to escape as once one track fades the next storm of chaos begins.

Once the atmospheric one and a half minute intro Ex Nihilo fades into obscurity, Idolatry kicks things in to high gear with slashing riffs that are backed by ever tumultuous drums and wicked gravel filled cries from the abyss. After Ex Nihilo onward, Idolatry offers up a sinister, raw, blasphemous and blistering brand of black metal that is sure to drag you asunder. Never wavering in their scorching assault, Idolatry march forth from track to track never giving you a moment of reprieve as you become trapped within their vortex of malevolence in which they summon.

As In Normine Mortis marches onward, the void beckons louder and louder, drawing you in to the ever darkened soundscape that Idolatry unveils before you. In a wicked amalgamation of death and the understanding of suffering need to bring about the reaper, you are presented with a truly deadly and sharpened offering that grips you by the throat from the very beginning only to release you once all is said and done. Ever unrepentant, In Normine Mortis storms forth to present you with a sound that is unholy, raw and soul piercing all the way until the end where you get dropped in to the ever beckoning void.

From sharpened riffs to barreling drumming, shrieking blood curdling vocals, an overall bleeding raw sound and an undulating terror, In Normine Mortis has it all. Packed within ten tracks you are to come face to face with top notch black metal that is just as punishing as it is gripping. Each track is a force of blackened blistering metal that cannot be denied or turned away from. From beginning to end, this is an incredibly solid and well executed release providing you with one hell of a venomous yet incredibly captivating and gripping listen. Overall, In Normine Mortis is an excellent release.

Check out the track The Serpentine Possession from the release In Normine Mortis below!

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