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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Lord Gore: Scalpels For Blind Surgeons

August 2, 2019

Lord Gore: Scalpels For Blind Surgeons

Starting from the Pacific Northwest, and spreading their brand of murderous sickness wherever they roam, Lord Gore continues marching forth with their upcoming offering Scalpels For Blind Surgeons. Near fifteen years after their last full length Resickened, Lord Gore appears once again through strewn viscera to present us all with eleven brand new offerings. Much like their other efforts, Scalpels For Blind Surgeons is a sickening, neck twisting and ever gutting and cutting offering. Ever relentless and twisted, Lord Gore blitz through each offering in a grind filled death metal rampage that leaves nothing but corpses and mutilation in their wake.

Forever unapologetic in their vile approach, each of the eleven tracks that are harbored within the bloodied walls of this title are as flesh tearing and consuming as you would come to expect. Never to give way to fads, filler or gimmicks, Lord Gore fills each track with a truly ripping and blood boiling sound that cannot be ignored. Potent, vein draining and gnashing, each track barrels through your speakers leaving your head hanging by a thread. These eleven tracks are vicious and explosive, attacking from the drop of the first gnarled note only to cease once you are left as nothing more than a shell of what you once were.

With bone cutting riffs that is paired with pummeling drumming and vocals that are quite inhuman, Lord Gore offers up a sound that tears at your ear drums. With the passing of each second, so does a second tick off of your life as you will be left bloodied and beaten at the end of it all. Scalpels For Blind Surgeons is a menacing and terrorizing effort that aims for your throat. This is a murderous and life expunging release, one that turns a blind eye to humanity and bulldozes over everyone and everything that dare press play.

Viscera soaked, bloodied, terrorizing and down right gruesome, Lord Gore really doesn’t pull any punches here. Over their illustrious and murderous career they have continued slaying, one victim after the next and that doesn’t stop here with Scalpels For Blind Surgeons. They drive a knife straight through your brain, lobotomizing you with the passing of each track, and god damn does it feel as though you’ve been hacked up once all has concluded.

With an uncompromising, brute force trauma of a sound, Lord Gore surely delivers with this offering. Scalpels For Blind Surgeons is a very solid record, one that is spine snapping heavy, brain scrambling, viscera soaked and really what more could you possibly ask for from a Lord Gore record?

Scalpels For Blind Surgeons will be unleashed August 9 through Everlasting Spew Records.

Check out the official track The Crawling from the upcoming release below!

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