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Reptilium: Conspiranoic

August 4, 2019

Reptilium: Conspiranoic

In pummeling and cruel brutality, Reptilium descend from their home world to present their brand new release Conspiranoic. This EP features only four tracks, but within those tracks what you are provided with is slamming, flesh tearing brutality. Never to relent and never to skimp out on the ever chest caving slamming excellence, Reptilium provide you with neck bending metal one track right after the next. Without warning and without reprieve, Reptilium smash through one cut after the next bringing the proverbial sledgehammer down on your head with the passing of each second. Pummeling, punishing and savage, Conspiranoic captures all of that within four short tracks.

Reptilium begin their new EP with a very short lead in before hitting you square in the chest with rapid fire drumming, tearing riffs and inhuman vocals. The features listed above are what you can come to expect throughout the entirety of the release as one unrelenting offering crops up after the next fades away. Gnashing, bone crushing and head caving, Conspiranoic rampages from track to track hitting you as hard as they can leaving you beaten and bruised when all is said and done. With addition of some ominous atmosphere here and there, you are treated to a devastating, harrowing and down right spine bending listen.

Through only four tracks, Reptilium lays it on pretty thick here, giving you a healthy dose of savagery and pure chest smashing metal. Each track is as wicked and anvil heavy as the last, leaving you crushed to smithereens once the final metallic note calls out. Of course Reptilium sews in devastating slams throughout the offering and through each track, truly pummeling you straight in to the earth. The slams throughout are spaced out enough to not make the entire release feel like one long and slow slamming beat down. Each one is utilized for maximum destruction, and they sure do their job.

Conspiranoic through and through is a solid release, one that offers up punishing riffs, brain splattering drumming, spine rattling bass lines and vocals that are as unearthly as you could imagine. Each track is a well constructed destructive machine that hits and hits hard, leaving you broken and bloodied. Overall, Conspiranoic is a good release that will have you coming back for more barbaric brutality over and over again.

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