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Dead Soul Alliance: Slaves to the Apocalypse

August 6, 2019

Dead Soul Alliance: Slaves to the Apocalypse

Among the tomb desecrating death metal bands and releases that have cropped up this year, Dead Soul Alliance offers up their deadly bid in tape form this time titled Slaves to the Apocalypse. This offering features six total tracks of deadly, flesh gnashing death metal that aims to bury you among their growing pile of deceased. Vicious, ferocious and down right impaling, each of the six offerings featured within this title are all neck bending heavy. They never really give you all too much reprieve before becoming under siege yet again by a deadly sonic assault of rotting death. The only solace that you have throughout are audio snippets here and there, but once those fade its back to the deadly lashings of death that Dead Soul Alliance so gladly heaps upon you.

Their sound forever rotting, Dead Soul Alliance keep their sound firmly rooted in death metal of the late 80’s and 90’s. With flesh tearing riffs that are backed by heavy skull pounding drumming, unearthly bellows cut through the slab of grisly noise to provide you with an overall deadly sound. Each track is just as punishing and venomous as the last, never for one to take a moment off as each one aims to have you succumb to an early unmarked grave. These pulse pounding and vein draining offerings are just that as they come at you full tilt until you are left as nothing more than a shell. Each savage track is a deadly force that gets your neck twisting until your head is rolling on the ground.

Slaves to the Apocalypse is one solid, grisly slab of bleeding raw death metal, and it is incredibly entertaining and memorable. Each of the six tracks here are well written, constructed, performed and executed, gifting you with an overall cohesive and well rounded offering that you cannot help but to come back to. Truly rotten, visceral and destructive, Dead Soul Alliance rampages onward from offering to offering presenting you with one solid death metal neck snapping blitzkrieg right after the next. Slaves to the Apocalypse is a death metal machine that marches forth, leaving nothing unturned and only death in its wake.

Overall, Slaves to the Apocalypse is a very solid release, one that provides you with six very good offerings one right after the next. If you are not head banging along with these furious rampages of death, you might not have a pulse. Through and through, this is a great, cohesive and rotten display of death that you will come back to for more and more death metal punishment.

Slaves to the Apocalypse will be unleashed on tape through Dawning Septic Productions August 16.

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