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Enemy of Creation: Victims of the Cross

August 7, 2019

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Enemy of Creation: Victims of the Cross

In a blitzkrieg of volatile hardcore noise, Enemy of Creation is set to bring to the forefront their upcoming EP titled Victims of the Cross. In five head caving and neck bending offerings, Enemy of Creation treats you to an explosive and incredibly heavy brand of hardcore that you ultimately will snap your neck to. Each of the five tracks that are present within this release are just as venomous and volatile as one another making this entire release to be one bombastic and explosive offering. Never leaving anything on the table, Enemy of Creation throw down a brand of no-holds-barred hardcore that is undeniable, incredibly in your face and down right anvil heavy.

Nearly from the first second onward, Enemy of Creation is in your face with ever shredding face melting riffs, bone breaking drumming and vocals that are shouted from beyond the wall of head caving noise. Each offering is an intense and adrenaline pumping cut that gets you mashing your brain against its skeletal prison before you know it. The five tracks that are harbored within the title of Victims of the Cross do a great job of getting underneath your skin and embedding themselves in your brain immediately. You can’t not thrash around and destroy shit to this release as once you press play, these tracks take over and take a hold of you never to release their grip.

You will not leave this release unscathed. Once you finish listening you feel as though you have been barreled through by a battering ram. As mentioned, each track here is intense, unbridled and incredibly explosive. Enemy of Creation gives you nearly no time at all to brace yourself for impact as they pummel their way through track after track providing you with a square and solid beating. Ever ceaseless and unrelenting you are given no reprieve from the metallic sonic assault as you feel as though you are getting battered and bruised by a pure wall of devastating metal.

There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any way, and the more you listen the better and better they get, and each track is already really fucking stellar. Victims of the Cross is five straight tracks of volatile hardcore that keeps charging forth barreling through anything in its path. This is one hell of a release, and perhaps one of my favorite hardcore releases this year by far.

Victims of the Cross will be unleashed August 30 through Camo Pants Records.

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