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Gorebringer: A Craving For Flesh

August 10, 2019

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Gorebringer: A Craving For Flesh

In technicality and brutality, UK death horde Gorebringer are set to unleash their debut full length titled A Craving For Flesh. Packed to the bursting point with nine offerings, this title offers up technical and melodious death metal that is sure to melt your flesh and snap your neck. Each track is a furious and brutal offering that aims to peel your skin from flesh, and flesh from bone. It does not take Gorebringer long to get you acquainted with their blasphemous grave stomping sound as they set in nearly immediately with ripping riffs, rapid fire drumming and manic vocals that transition between hellish high screams and unearthly lows. Never are you to really get a moment of reprieve as Gorebringer usher forth track after viscera stained track that aims to take you to an early grave.

Each offering leans on the side of lengthy as these tracks range between the three and a half minute mark to the six minute mark. Once you press play you have no escape as you become devoured by the bloodied maelstrom that Gorebringer summons. From beginning to end you come to be greeted by death by the horde as Gorebringer shovels heaps of death and malevolence upon you until you become buried and are no more. Ever unrelenting and ceaseless in their ripping assault, Gorebringer slices through each track to provide you with a wicked and ever neck snapping listen.

With flesh flaying riffs, chest cracking drumming and an overall undulating horror, A Craving For Flesh has it all here. With melody sewn in to the otherwise blistering and blood boiling assault, Gorebringer offers up a sound that is palatable, yet brutal and visceral. Each of the nine offerings that are present within this title are well constructed and executed offerings of death that will leave your head rolling on the ground before you know it. This is pure death and nothing but and throughout this release Gorebringer executes damn near perfectly to provide you with a destructive, tomb desecrating sound that is hard to ignore.

Technicality, brutality, melody, great song writing, great musicianship and vocals, Gorebringer leave it all on the sacrificial altar here to create an overall well rounded and cohesive effort. For this being their debut full length, it is impressive. Each track is just as good as the last and no where on this release does it feel like any one of them is lacking in any specific way. A Craving For Flesh is a very solid release through and through; one that offers up flesh carving and blood curdling death metal, heaps of brutality, great musicianship and much more. This new band from the UK delivers a great gem of death metal with their debut full length here.

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