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Smerdead: За Чертой

August 13, 2019

Smerdead: За Чертой

Formed in 2018, and hailing from Siberia, Smerdead seems to be on the hunt for more brains and flesh to tear apart. With their debut album titled За Чертой, Smerdead really begins their conquest and their hunt to satiate their hunger for flesh. Through this release you come face to face with eight bone gnawing tracks in the vein of melodic death metal. There is not bullshit here and no filler as you are greeted by nothing but bloodied and viscera soaked death metal that is sure to make you a part of Smerdead’s ever growing zombie horde. In barbarity and savagery, Smerdead marches through each track with a single goal in mind, and that is to consume your rotting brain from your skull.

With melodious and at times groove filled riffs that get paired up with solid and pummeling drumming and manic gritty vocals, Smerdead rises from their tombs to present you with an entirely entertaining and head banging effort. One track after the next, Smerdead offers up a memorable, heavy and entertaining sound that you will end up listening to over and over again. The riffs that infect this release are especially catchy as they hook on to your brain never to release it as they will manifest there for some time to come. Each track within За Чертой is a solid and well constructed effort that will make their way in to your brain in no time.

In solid musicianship, execution, song writing, vocals, production and more, Smerdead creates something here with За Чертой that is palatable, brain devouring, melodic highly entertaining and memorable. Each track is just as good as the last. With no filler or fluff to speak of, За Чертой is eight straight offerings of nothing but pure melodic death metal that gets your head banging in no time. Melodic all the time, heavy consistently and down right devouring, Smerdead packs it all in here with their debut offering.

If you are a fan of melodic death metal, or just death metal in general, За Чертой you would be wise to check this release out. Through and through it is a well crafted, cohesive effort that never relents as its only mission is to provide you with solid and entertaining death metal and it very much succeeds in just that.

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