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Bones: Diseased

August 14, 2019

Bones: Diseased

In a filthy amalgamation of death metal and crust, Bones offers up a raw, energetic and face melting brand of metal through their upcoming offering Diseased. Throughout this release you are to come face to face with eleven gnashing and bleeding raw offerings that aim to crush you in to the dirt. From beginning to end, Bones lays everything on the table, pulling no punches as they offer up a bulldozing and deadly sound that is to behold. Each track is as gritty and nasty as the one(s) that came before it and unapologetically so. Visceral, maniacal and filthy, Diseased offers up a true nasty brand of crust riddled death that is not to be ignored.

Packed with raw, pulse pounding energy, Diseased shoots straight out of your speakers once you press play only to ladle death and disease upon you in heaping droves. Injected with riffs that tear flesh and drumming that cracks bones, Bones offers up a truly grimy and bleeding raw sound that hits your ears oh so perfectly. Keeping their sound filthy, Bones stomps through each track with great amounts of explosive and marrow sapping energy having you bang your head and subsequently your brain against your skull in no time.

These eleven tracks take over, infecting and manifesting themselves within your mind for some time to come. As volatile and destructive as each offering is, they are just as entertaining and memorable. With the coming of each track you feel an overwhelming urge to bang your head until it promptly falls off of your shoulders, and if you are not doing so you may not have a pulse. Through and through, each cut is a devastating force of death and destruction that does not slow until the final note rings through.

Buzzing, bleeding raw, filthy, crusty and down right shredding, Bones packs it all within Diseased. There is no shortage of death and energy that is destructive to your health here as Bones ushers forth track after track of malignant death that you cannot deny. Diseased is a great record through and through as it treats you to eleven straight offerings of gnashing, grisly and head caving death. From track one to track eleven, “Diseased” is entirely entertaining and in its own sickening way, hypnotizing.

With great musicianship, foul vocals, an overall filthy raw sound, great song writing and more, Bones offers up a great release here with Diseased.

Diseased will be released September 20 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the track Carrion Crows from the upcoming release below!

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