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Devourment: Obscene Majesty

August 16, 2019

Devourment: Obscene Majesty

Devourment needs no introduction as these destroyers have been causing mayhem and leaving nothing but decapitated bodies in their wake for twenty-four years. With that said, it has been six years since Conceived In Sewage, and their six year absence has been felt until now. With the coming of Obscene Majesty the masters of brutal death are back and as powerful, potent and disgusting as ever. The six year wait for this monster has been worth it as you come face to face with ten truly eviscerating and mutilating offerings one right after the next. In true unrepentant form and fashion, Devourment leave everything on the table in order to curdle your blood and agonizingly lobotomize you. Life threatening, bone shattering, skull caving and gutting, Obscene Majesty marks the return of Devourment, true brutal death metal titans.

In their twenty-four year reign as one of the heaviest bands on the planet, Devourment’s goal remains clear, and that is to provide pure unyielding and unrelenting brutality and that is more than achieved here. Through ten tracks and forty-five minutes of insane butchery, Devourment provide you with the sonic form of grotesque maniacal slaughter. Obscene Majesty is a cacophony of terror and horror that aims to rip you fucking head from your shoulders leaving you as nothing more than a gruesome husk of your former self.

Hammering away at your sanity and chipping away at your skull to expose your rotting brain, Devourment never ceases. As the record continues to play you become buried under droves of pure death and disease only for you to become a part of the massive amount of stagnant bodies that have been collected. Through a wall of eviscerating riffs and drums that shatter your skull come vocals that are inhuman. Monstrous and ever menacing, each track pushes onward bulldozing over everyone and everything in their wake leaving nothing but strewn body parts and destruction. Before you know it you quickly become an unidentifiable mass of pulp and viscera.

Obscene Majesty is a precise and calculated masterclass of brutal death metal. With insane gutturals, a ceaseless onslaught of flesh peeling riffs and bone caving drumming, head smashing slams and much more, Devourment shows why they are at the pinnacle of heavy. This release is obliterating, dehumanizing and down right spine severing. You will find no bullshit here, only savagery, terror and metal heavy enough flatten you and everything else around you. After six long years the wait has been more than worth it as Devourment delivers something truly monstrous and all consuming here with Obscene Majesty.

Not much more needs to be said other than the fact that this release is truly something to behold. This is top notch brutal death metal butchery from the masters themselves, and you would be doing yourself a disservice not checking this out. Behold as the true destroyers have returned.

Obscene Majesty will be unleashed August 16 through Relapse Records.

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