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Idolatry: In Normine Mortis

August 18, 2019

Idolatry: In Normine Mortis

In great malevolence and death comes black metal wraiths Idolatry with their sophomore effort titled In Normine Mortis. Released in May, this record features ten blackened, ever venomous and potent offerings that drag you asunder to a place where only death and suffering lie. Pestilent and life expunging, Idolatry offer up nothing but tightly knit blackened hymns that are ceaseless and unrepentant. Never to slow their wicked march, Idolatry ushers forth track after track of ripping black metal. Once you press play you become trapped in the vortex of malicious sonic blackened metal never to escape as once one track fades the next storm of chaos begins.

Once the atmospheric one and a half minute intro Ex Nihilo fades into obscurity, Idolatry kicks things in to high gear with slashing riffs that are backed by ever tumultuous drums and wicked gravel filled cries from the abyss. After Ex Nihilo onward, Idolatry offers up a sinister, raw, blasphemous and blistering brand of black metal that is sure to drag you asunder. Never wavering in their scorching assault, Idolatry march forth from track to track never giving you a moment of reprieve as you become trapped within their vortex of malevolence in which they summon.

As In Normine Mortis marches onward, the void beckons louder and louder, drawing you in to the ever darkened soundscape that Idolatry unveils before you. In a wicked amalgamation of death and the understanding of suffering need to bring about the reaper, you are presented with a truly deadly and sharpened offering that grips you by the throat from the very beginning only to release you once all is said and done. Ever unrepentant, In Normine Mortis storms forth to present you with a sound that is unholy, raw and soul piercing all the way until the end where you get dropped in to the ever beckoning void.

From sharpened riffs to barreling drumming, shrieking blood curdling vocals, an overall bleeding raw sound and an undulating terror, In Normine Mortis has it all. Packed within ten tracks you are to come face to face with top notch black metal that is just as punishing as it is gripping. Each track is a force of blackened blistering metal that cannot be denied or turned away from. From beginning to end, this is an incredibly solid and well executed release providing you with one hell of a venomous yet incredibly captivating and gripping listen. Overall, In Normine Mortis is an excellent release.

Check out the track The Serpentine Possession from the release In Normine Mortis below!

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