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Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

August 19, 2019

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

In a reign of utter devastation and bone crushing heavy, Warcrab offer up their upcoming release. Titled Damned In Endless Night, Warcrab usher forth a brand of heavy that meshes together death metal and a dose of sludge that is enough to clog your veins. Ten total tracks, ten total tracks of murky death that drag you asunder in to the murky darkness whether you are prepared or not. Damned In Endless Night is amazingly heavy as it is down right crushing from beginning to end. Without looking back, forever pushing onward, Warcrab stomps forth with their spine bending brand of sludge riddled death for your twisted enjoyment. One track after the next you come face to face with a perfect balance of sludge and coffin packing death and the more that you listen, the closer you march toward your murky grave.

After a near serene two minute intro titled Perpetua that lulls you in to a false sense of calm, Warcrab hits you with buzzing, sludge filled yet ripping death metal in the following track Halo of Flies. In great cohesion, Warcrab mix both sludge and death metal together to create an impactful and devastating sound, and with Halo of Flies that is shown right off the bat. Quickly you become buried underneath the droves of thick, murky sludge riddled death, and before you know it you sink lower and lower in to a cavernous abyss. Each track that follows Halo of Flies is just as heavy and deadly, making this to be a true venomous and bone rattling listen.

No matter whether Warcrab offers up a true death metal rampage, or if they offer up a slower trudging sludge sound, or combine the two to create a truly menacing sound, you can be sure that it is going to be heavy. Each track following Perpetua is a sonic slab of grisly metal that is as menacing and terrorizing as you would imagine. Forever punishing and decimating, Warcrab trudges forth gifting you with one incredible track after the next. Damned In Endless Night as a whole is monstrous as it sounds like a titan emerging from the great depths of below. Bone rattling, destroying, deadly and wicked, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold as it is all consuming and enveloping.

Damned In Endless Night is a gripping release, one that takes hold of you from the drop of the first note onward, forever plunging you in to depths in which light does not exist. This release is grisly, nasty and down right crushing. It never relents in its sonic assault as it shifts from track to track aiming to fully envelope you in its titanic sound. The balance between sludge and death metal here is great as both work in sickening concert to provide you with an incredible sound that is wholly unforgettable. As massive and destructive as “Damned In The Endless Night” is, it is just as captivating and memorable, making this to be a truly exceptional release.

Overall, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch, unrepentant metal. In all of its murky and deadly glory, this release is incredible and certainly one of the top tier releases to come out this year.

Damned In Endless Night will be unleashed August 30 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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