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Abysmalist: Reflections of Horror

August 21, 2019

Abysmalist: Reflections of Horror

Titled Reflections of Horror, death metal outfit Abysmalist offers up a true, grime filled, grave stomping style of death metal that summons the sound of the ancients. Bleeding raw and grisly, Abysmalist treat you to four tracks that reach around the eighteen minute mark. Within those eighteen minutes you come face to face with flesh gnashing and ripping death metal that leaves you cold in a hollowed tomb. Filled with terrorizing horror and death, Reflections of Horror is a potent and vile offering that fills you with dread. Through and through this is a ripping release, one that will see you into your own early grave before the concise eighteen minutes is up.

Gutting from the first few seconds onward, Reflections of Horror marches onward to provide you with four excellent tracks of terror and demise. Never to cease their slaughter, each track is just as grisly and vile as the one that came before it. In pure terror and haunting horror, Abysmalist ushers forth a grimy brand of severing death metal that makes it sound as though the reaper closes in with the passing of each second. Riffs power forth tearing at your flesh as the drums barrel forth hollowing out your chest only for bloodied vocals roar through the mass of festering death.

Not only is each track as marrow draining as they are, but on occasion they are as haunting and chilling as they are devouring. With an underlying horror filled atmosphere complete with the occasional clean guitar, Abysmalist work in their own dense atmosphere that wraps up the listener in a chilling fog. You aren’t only getting purely assaulted by a truly monstrous sound, but you become consumed and enveloped in an atmosphere that is just as killer and potent.

Through and through, Abysmalist has crafted each track well to provide you with savage yet haunting death metal. Each track is a well crafted offering that grips you with the cold hand of death, only to release once the eighteenth minute finally comes to a close. Overall, Reflections of Horror is a very solid demo that features four great tracks one right after the next. Within a concise run time, Abysmalist offers up top notch death metal that should be noticed and taken note of. Reflections of Horror is a great entry in to the bloodied echelon of death.

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