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TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

August 22, 2019

TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

Never to be put in a box or pigeon holed, TripleMurder uses their heavy eclectic sound to produce variety and diversity. There is a lot that TripleMurder has to offer within their six track EP titled Pre-Meditated. From groove filled riffs, to heavy break downs, to searing solos, to varied vocals and more, TripleMurder packs this EP to the bursting point. Through six offerings, Pre-Meditated provides a wickedly heavy yet entirely memorable and entertaining listen. The one problem that you will run in to is that this EP is not nearly long enough, but that is a purely selfish complaint. Through the twenty plus minute run time you are treated to cohesive and very solid metal all the way through that will sure please the gnarled ears of death metal, deathcore and fans beyond those genres.

TripleMurder wastes zero time getting you acclimated and acquainted to their cohesive metallic sound as they set in immediately as soon as you press play. There is no intro to warm you up as TripleMurder thrusts you head first into their brand of head caving metal as they feed you chunky riffs that are backed by ripping grit filled vocals that pierce the wall of tumultuous drumming and shredding riffs. The meshing of death metal and deathcore works well here as TripleMurder sew the two heavy genres together to create an overall cohesive, groove filled and technical sound that is hard to deny. Each track is a well written storm of death that comes out swinging aiming to engulf you in all of its fury.

It isn’t just the grooves, or the killer vocals or the solid drum work, but it is also the breakdowns that tie each track together well too. The breakdowns are used sparingly throughout Pre-Meditated making them have more impact on each track. Not only are they used sparingly, but they aren’t your typical chugging, unearthly down tuned break downs either. Each one is neck bending heavy of course, but they seem to have more substance to them and each one is different from the last making each one unique. This all adds to the variety and diversity that TripleMurder utilizes to their immense benefit.

Through and through, Pre-Meditated is a very solid release. One that brings the heavy in droves, but it also is incredibly memorable and entertaining. Each track is just as good as the last and TripleMurder really show off their song writing abilities through each track. The six offerings present here are unique, heavy, varied, well constructed and much more which ultimately creates an incredibly great listening experience. As mentioned above, the only complaint is that this isn’t long enough but that’s just purely selfish.

TripleMurder has created something here with their debut that is flat out great through and through and really nothing else needs to be said other than that.

Pre-Meditated will be released September 20. You can pre-order this EP here and here.

Check out the official music video for the track Cannibalistic below!

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