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Phobophilic: Undimensioned Identities

August 27, 2019

Phobophilic: Undimensioned Identities

Hailing from the frozen tundra that is North Dakota are death dealers Phobophilic. Through their upcoming release titled Undimensioned Identities you are treated to four horror filled, bleeding raw and bone masticating tracks. Devoid of filler, Phobophilic offers up four straight grave digging tracks one right after the next. Entirely a twisted mass of death and mayhem, Phobophilic rip straight through offering after offering to provide you with a truly savage and monstrous listen. Even as short as this release is, it certainly packs a massive brain mashing punch. Savage, brutal and down right flesh devouring, Undimensioned Identities is as vein draining and neck snapping as they come.

Plenty of new death metal bands follow in the footsteps of their death metal forefathers and that certainly includes Phobophilic. With that being said though, these tomb desecrators add their own deranged twist to the ancient genre to stand out and create a sound that is stylistically their own. With massive vein severing riffs and ever bulldozing drum work that are only to be paired with blood stained unearthly growls, Phobophilic creates a nasty and gnarled sound. Yet as raw as their sound is, it is concise, well crafted and appropriately murky making their overall sound cohesive and entirely well rounded.

Each offering is a slaughtering wall of death that flies out of their respective graves to offer you something that is truly barbaric yet entirely memorable. The four tracks that are present here are monsters that are to behold. Each one is just as grisly and gnarled as the last, and as heavy and brain stem severing as the last making this to be a deadly release overall. Undimensioned Identities as a whole is a maelstrom of ripping death that captures you from the very beginning only to lay you to rest as nothing more than a hollowed out form of your former self. Blood letting and incredibly wicked, Phobophilic present you with four great offerings one after the next that are nothing but pure, unfiltered and bleeding death.

Rotting, diseased, filled with horror and deadly terror, Undimensioned Identities is a great release. Phobophilic packs a lot in to only four tracks making this entire release comprehensive and entirely entertaining leaving you reaching to hit play again and again. Undimensioned Identities is criminally short leaving you wanting more of this refined bleeding death. This is an excellent release through and through, and nothing more needs to be said than that.

Undimensioned Identities will be released September 13 through Rotted Life.

You can pre-order this release here and here.

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