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Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

August 30, 2019

Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

In true terror and sickening lobotomizing fashion, Horrific Demise ushers forth a nasty and gnarled brand of brutal death that is not to be ignored. Through their new titled Excruciating Extermination you come face to face with nine gruesome and impaling offerings one right after the next. Forever punishing and unrelenting, Horrific Demise roll from one track to the next providing you with a truly unforgiving and gutting offering that leaves you covered in viscera and your own flayed organs. There is no filler or fluff here as what you get is pure savagery and barbarity from beginning to end. This is a true brutal death assault that does not compromise as it ushers forth nine sickening tracks of unfiltered and dehumanizing filth.

Excruciating Extermination begins its terrifying assault with Born From Brutality, which lulls you in with a lead in filled with what sounds like Spanish guitars, until all hell unleashes just a mere thirty seconds in. After that nice little lead in, Horrific Demise assaults and buries the listener underneath droves of rot and fetid remains until you become one with the stagnant pile. Without so much as a bat of an eyelash, Horrific Demise torment, torture and mutilate you leaving you as nothing more than blood splatter and hacked up worm food. Excruciating Extermination is a sonic wall of punishment and spine severing brutality that never ceases its precise onslaught until the final bloodied note rings through your speakers.

This release is unraveled, insane butchery at its finest. Through and through this is top notch brutal death that supplies you with flesh tearing riffs and drum work that barrels straight through your skull only to desecrate your brain. Bloodied, and inhuman, guttural roars crop up through the sonic wall of skin blistering madness. All of this culminates in to an entirely savage and vein bursting sound that you simply cannot turn away from. Each track is as barbaric and dehumanizing as the last as they leave you to rot and become fetid food for the creatures that dwell beneath the soil.

Excruciating Extermination is brutal death metal done perfectly. This release is entirely engaging, entertaining and down right spine severing. Truly gruesome, vile and unbelievably heavy, this release is something to behold. It is entirely monstrous as it rips your skin from flesh and flesh from bone, severing you and lobotomizing you at every single second that ticks off of the run time. Through and through, Excruciating Extermination is a true monster of brutal death and will stand atop as one of the best brutal death metal records to be unleashed this year.

Excruciating Extermination will be released September 6 through Comatose Music.

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