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Gravehammer: Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces

August 31, 2019

Gravehammer: Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces

Hailing from Germany comes Gravehammer and in tow with them their newest offering titled Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces. This EP is packed with four archaic and primeval death metal that does its best to drag you down to your rightful tomb. Raw, organic and down right marrow sapping, each track within this release is a punishing effort. Laden with elements of doom, Gravehammer incorporate those sounds into their foundation of grisly death to create an overall abyssal, grim and darkened sound. Forever enveloping and consuming, Gravehammer usher forth four tracks that are as gnashing and detrimental as you would wish them to be as they provide you with nothing but ancient death.

There are no tricks here and no fluff as what you get is four solid tracks one right after the next. Gravehammer displays here that you do not need any studio trickery or anything of the like to create a true beast of a release. This EP is entirely organic and raw sounding making it that much more potent and powerful. Savage and destructive from beginning to end, Primordial Principles/Fundamental Forces is a monster of an EP as it never ceases in its grisly aural assault.

The mixture of death and doom here is great as it creates not only a full on flesh tearing death metal sound but you are also presented with slow dirges of haunting soul stealing doom. Gravehammer does a great job of mixing the two together, changing tempos and transitioning between death metal and doom seamlessly to create an overall cohesive and comprehensive sound. While their overall death metal assault drags you to the grave, their doom elements drag you asunder into a never ending abyss from which you will not return.

Through and through, this EP is a very great release as it provides you with four great tracks. Each track is just as good and well executed as the last making this entire EP incredibly well rounded. Not a single second is wasted as each one is packed with bleeding raw death that drags you in forever capturing you within the labyrinth of death and doom that Gravehammer creates. From the musicianship, to the gutting vocals to the organic and raw production, everything here is done so well, you would be mistaken not to give this release a listen.

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