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Creeping Flesh: Into the Meat Grinder

September 8, 2019

Creeping Flesh: Into the Meat Grinder

In rotting death and vicious mutilation, Creeping Flesh offer up their debut full length titled Into the Meat Grinder. This flesh ripping offering treats you to ten tracks one right after the next with a total run time of forty-five minutes. Through each and ever single one of those forty-five minutes you are subject to nothing but terrorizing and horrifying death. This is pure, grisly, mutilating death and nothing but. You won’t find any filler or gimmicks here as what you get is ten straight offerings of vile, gruesome and flesh peeling death metal. Foreboding, eviscerating, mutilating, vein draining, and more, Creeping Flesh provides it all within Into the Meat Grinder.

Each track within this offering is thunderous and ceaseless. These cuts bulldoze over you with the weight of a panzer tank, crushing you beneath their sheer weight making you become nothing more than rotting, stale flesh. It is undeniable that each of the ten tracks that are harbored within the forsaken walls of this release are incredibly heavy. With riffs that tear straight through your flesh and dig in to your bone, drum work that barrels straight through your chest and bloodied vocals that roar out from beyond the wall of punishing bleeding death, Creeping Flesh has created something here that is truly devastating. You will not find your way out of this release alive as you will become just another victim, mutilated and rotting beneath the cold soil in the vile trenches.

Lying beneath the hellfire and artillery shelling that is the musicianship is a sinister and overall creeping and foreboding atmosphere. The atmosphere that follows all through each of the ten tracks here is just as potent and rotten as everything else. It provides you with a tepid whiff of decay and and rigored flesh that makes you revulse. With this stagnant and rotting war torn atmosphere you can almost see the bodies and viscera strewn about before you. This atmosphere makes you feel as though you are about to get blown apart by artillery shelling, or ripped to shreds by flesh covered barbed wire. With this atmosphere is combination with the overall lobotomizing style of death that Creeping Flesh provides, Into the Meat Grinder is one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

As devastating and life expunging as Into the Meat Grinder is, it is equally catchy and entertaining. Into the Meat Grinder has just about everything going for it. Played in the vein of old-school death yet with new age death metal twists, unbelievably heavy, foreboding, catchy, memorable, entertaining, destructive, and so much more, Into the Meat Grinder is exceptional. It’s unreal that this is the debut full length from these corpse hoarders, but this will stand atop as one of my favorite death metal releases this year.

Into the Meat Grinder will be unleashed September 25 through Growls From The Underground.

Check out the lyric video for Tank Corps Unleashed from the upcoming record below!

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