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Coffin Rot: A Monument To The Dead

October 2, 2019

Coffin Rot: A Monument To The Dead

Hoarding corpses and aiming to claim you as their next victim, Coffin Rot spews forth from the bowels of a stale and stagnant crypt to offer up their next full length. Titled A Monument To The Dead, Coffin Rot packs this release full to the bursting point with eight vile, disgusting and ever flesh tearing offerings. You will not get treated to any filler or fluff as what you get from beginning to end is eight pure tracks of bleeding raw, beheading devastation. As one track fades into the ever blackened obscurity, the next bulldozer of death begins, aiming to lower you into the stale earth well before your time should be up. Gutting and maiming, Coffin Rot ushers forth a true mutilating effort here, one that will snap your neck and rip your flesh from bone before all is said and done.

Each of the eight tracks that are present here are as potent and powerful as the next making this to be a true terrorizing and blood boiling offering. Through and through, Coffin Rot has created something here that is menacing, dark, twisted and down right vile. Ever flesh consuming and lobotomizing, they usher forth one cut after the next until you are eviscerated and left as nothing more than a stain of red. With tight, technical skin peeling riffs that are coupled with chest caving drum work and vocals that are incredibly inhuman and entirely monstrous, Coffin Rot claims you as their next victim in their ever growing horde of rotted flesh.

It doesn’t get much more grisly and all consuming as A Monument To The Dead. This release drags you through horrors that you haven’t yet seen all while you are being picked apart and mutilated at the great delight of every track here. Each offering is deranged, horrifying and down right heavy. Not only that, but Coffin Rot has found a formula here that not only is heavy, devastating and brain skewering, but memorable as well. You can try as you might, but A Monument To The Dead will stuck in your head for some time to come like leeches to a diseased carcass.

A Monument To The Dead is potent, powerful, ripping, skewering, eviscerating and so many more descriptors that make this release so great overall. This is a true, bleeding raw death metal record through and through and it is fucking insane. For their debut full length record, Coffin Rot hits the nail right on the head as they produce a record here that is perfect. Eight tracks through and through are all well performed, executed, written, produced and more to treat you to an overall stellar listening experience. It would not be wise to pass this release up as this will be one of the finest death metal releases to come out this year.

A Monument To The Dead will be released October 18 through Blood Harvest and Rotted Life.

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