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Killery: Exuding Hate (Official Music Video)

October 5, 2019

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Killery: Ready For The Apocalypse

Hailing from Brazil comes thrash metal heathens Killery. Released not too long ago was their debut full length album Ready For The Apocalypse. Recently they have debuted the official music video for the track Exuding Hate from their debut full length. This track not only heavy by way of head banging, but it is heavy thematically as well. Exuding Hate deals with repression and war among other social topics that may be hard to deal with in general. This track is blistering, heavy and and groove filled making it to be an entertaining and head banging affair. Through this track you are to come across ripping riffs that are propelled by blasting drum work, great bass lines and gritty vocals that turn inhuman and more death metal like when needed. Exuding Hate is a scorcher and the music video itself is one that will capture your attention right off the bat. Check out the official music video for Exuding Hate below!

Ready For The Apocalypse is out now!

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