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Aeons Abyss: Impenitent

October 8, 2019

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Aeons Abyss: Impenitent

Arising from crypts of old comes Aeons Abyss and their upcoming offering titled Impenitent. This release features eight total tracks that are executed in the vein of old-school death metal as each track gives off a rotting and raw sound. Complete with melodic yet flesh tearing riffs, chest cracking blasting drum work and vocals that have an inhuman range, Aeons Abyss offer up a true grisly death metal treat here. With the run time topping off at just under forty minutes, you are treated to well performed and executed death metal for every single second of the run time. Each track is just as good as the last as there is not a track that disappoints or comes up lacking in any way.

Impenitent begins with the title track that starts off with a near melancholic, atmospheric sound that lulls you in to a false sense of security before the track takes off and buries you deep among the droves of riffs and blasting drum work. Aeons Abyss weaves intricate labyrinths of death right before you having you wander through each twist and turn as you have your face cleaved straight off of your skull. Each of the eight tracks that are harbored within the walls of this offering as just as intricate and technical as the last making this to be a ripping and mind warping death metal release.

With elaborate and intricate song writing, great technical ability and plenty of atmosphere, Aeons Abyss brings everything together nicely to create a well rounded and entirely cohesive and comprehensive effort. There isn’t a cut on this record that is lacking in any area as each one is just as solid and well executed as the last. Impenitent is solid through and through as it provides you with eight ripping, technical, atmospheric and down right intricate tracks one right after the next. Impenitent is an entertaining and engaging effort, one that will surely get your head banging until you snap your neck.

Through and through Impenitent is as great offering. Aeons Abyss style is very firmly rooted within the old-school death metal style of the 90’s, never to bite that style however, only to make it their own twisting labyrinth of death and mayhem. Be sure you are prepared for this unfolding, twisting death metal mayhem.

Impenitent will be unleashed November 1.

You can pre-order this record right here.

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