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Pissed Regardless: Imperial Cult

October 9, 2019

Pissed Regardless: Imperial Cult

Hailing from San Diego, California come destroyers Pissed Regardless. These heathens play a raucous brand of hardcore that pummels and hits you from every single direction until you are left unconscious. Their debut full length features ten head caving tracks one right after the next that leave your skull indented and your brain bruised. Imperial Cult is a bombastic and entirely explosive record from beginning to end. Without so much as a warning, Pissed Regardless ignites their fury leaving you riddled with bruises. This release is whiplash inducing as it snaps your neck back immediately, never to stop the unrelenting metallic onslaught until the final note has rang through your speakers.

As short as each track is, they pack more than a sizable punch as each one runs straight through you without batting an eye. Each track is a sledgehammer of hardcore fury, leaving you broken and bloodied on the ground once all is said and done. Imperial Cult is a bulldozer of explosive noise that sets off once you press play never to relent. There are no breaks and there is no reprieve as Pissed Regardless ladle healthy doses of skull smashing hardcore upon you until your head is entirely caved in.

If you don’t head bang to this release as it fires off bone smashing track after bone smashing track, you may as well not be alive. Each track does a great job of getting right underneath your skin and making their way up to your brain where they will manifest themselves for quite some time. As violent and neck snapping as these offerings are they are just as memorable too. With brain scrambling riffs that are supplemented by ever skull sanding drumming and gritty screamed vocals, Pissed Regardless offer up something here that is incredibly explosive and violent.

Through and through, Imperial Cult is one hell of a hardcore record. Each of the ten cuts here are just as heavy and memorable as the last as this truly is a well rounded, diverse and well constructed record. Cohesive and down right heavy, Imperial Cult grabs you from the beginning only to usher forth a beat down only for you to come back for more and more sonic punishment.

Imperial Cult will be unleashed October 18 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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