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Singularity: Place of Chains

October 15, 2019

Singularity: Place of Chains

In a land where symphonic black metal and technical death metal meet comes Singularity and in tow with them the bring their devastating new addition to their line up titled Place of Chains. Featuring nine total tracks of ripping, technical symphonic blasting, Place of Chains is a true tour de force that rips your face from your skull before you know it. Not only does this record destroy and leave your head spinning, but it also envelopes you in grandiose atmosphere making your mind wander through corridor after corridor of fully fleshed out ambiance and atmosphere for some time to come. Place of Chains is a well rounded, cohesive and mind flaying effort, one that snaps your neck and scrambles your brain before you know it.

Singularity begins Place of Chains with a near three minute atmospheric intro that is incredibly tense and foreboding as it has you wander through cynical and darkened ambiance riddled corridors. Over half way through the intro titled Bellum, you become hit with rapid fire drum work, sharpened riffs and rumbling bass lines before Bellum fades directly into the second offering titled Victory or Death. This track is full fledged technical death metal onslaught that is fused with symphonic black metal that warps your mind as you become under siege by a pure metallic onslaught. This technical offering is what you can come to expect from the remainder of the seven tracks that follow. Each track is well executed, performed, constructed and perfectly wrapped in enough atmosphere making each cut damn near perfect.

All around, through and through, Place of Chains is excellent. There isn’t a track on this release that is lacking in any way what so ever. Each cut through this record here provides you with whiplash inducing technicality brought on by the technical death metal elements as well as sinister atmosphere and ambiance brought on by the symphonic black metal elements. Both genres work in sickening harmony here to provide you with an incredibly well thought out and cohesive sound that becomes all so addictive. One listen turns to many, and many turn in to so much more as you want to inject this record straight in to your veins.

Ever ripping, flesh flaying and mind warping, Singularity offers up a truly great record here with Place of Chains. You really can’t go wrong here with this offering as what you get within it are nine great tracks one right after the next. The song writing here is superb, the musicianship is perfect, the vocals are on point, atmosphere is perfectly sinister and so much more. This release is damn near perfect, if it isn’t actually perfect. Place of Chains isn’t a release that should be skipped over or over looked as it is truly remarkable.

Check out the track Ritual of Regret from Place of Chains below!

Place of Chains is out now through The Artisan Era.

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