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Stomachal Corrosion: Stomachal Corrosion

October 16, 2019

Stomachal Corrosion: Stomachal Corrosion

After thirteen long years, Brazilian death grinders Stomachal Corrosion make their triumphant return with the summoning of their newest self titled full length. Complete with twenty-two cuts of raw, unrelenting death grind, this self titled is as barbaric and savage as you would come to expect from Stomachal Corrosion. Without fluff, without filler and without any gimmick, Stomachal Corrosion offer up straight forward skull sanding death grind from beginning to end. There is no reprieve, only death, mayhem and destruction once you press play as you get trapped within the warped walls chaos.

You will find no solace within this release as you become under siege from beginning to end. From track one to track twenty-two, you become accosted by raw, ever buzzing and flesh ripping riffs that are only to be supplemented by chest cracking drum work and vocals that are as inhuman as you would come to expect. Each track is a short yet entirely punchy and in your face effort that gets you bashing your brain against your skull in no time. As short as this entire record is in terms of run time, it more than makes up for in the quality of death grind that is provided. Each track is a well constructed albeit short and ripping affair that tries to send you to an early grave.

While certainly taking ques from their grind and death metal forefathers, Stomachal Corrosion makes this sound that they have developed all their own. Their unique death grind sound is raw, punishing and potent, making each of the twenty-two tracks here as volatile and wicked as possible. The overall raw and unfiltered production quality brings everything together making this entire release tie together in a sickening cohesion of death and grinding metal. Ever skull sheering and face melting, Stomachal Corrosion ladle out death and mayhem fueled grind one track after the next.

You better brace yourself before Stomachal Corrosion takes off as they mash the proverbial pedal through the floor never to look back once they begin their twisted metal barrage. From the drop of the first gnarled note onward you become under attack from all sides, ever to be pummeled as Stomachal Corrosion induces whiplash until your head falls from your shoulders. This is a very solid release from beginning to end with each track being as good as the last and as unrelenting as you would imagine.

This self titled release is out now through Greyhaze Records.

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