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Third Chamber: Harvesting Our Decay

October 19, 2019

Third Chamber: Harvesting Our Decay

With death metal as their wicked foundation, Third Chamber twists in other genres such as hardcore to create a ripping, punchy and all together skull bashing sound. Their upcoming five track EP titled Harvesting Our Decay is ferocious, explosive and down right neck bending heavy. If you aren’t head banging to this release you may as well not even have a pulse. Each track does a great job of getting right underneath your skin and right in your face, shredding you limb from limb until the final note rings through your speakers.

As explosive and accosting as each of the five tracks here are, the lyrical content is just as explosive and in your face as each track deals with the current state of affairs from around the world. From mental illness to corrupt religious organizations to the exploitation of our natural resources and more, each track is charged and ready to hit as hard as it can. Third Chamber is unapologetic as to who hears their socially and politically charged lyrics as they are as in your face as they can be and shoved down your throat whether you want them to be or not. The lyrical content and the themes that run through this EP are as heavy as the music itself is and that really will grab your attention.

Potency doesn’t just run through the lyrical content throughout this five track EP either as each track is just as heavy and pummeling as the last. Flaying you with ever skin ripping riffs and ever skull blasting drum work, Third Chamber incorporate hellish and gritty vocals that cut through the wall of sonic devastation to provide you with a venomous and ever spine bending sound. The five tracks that are attached to this title get your head banging and your brain bashing against its bone like prison in no time. Without wasting any time or filtering in any gimmicks or fluff, Third Chamber offer up a true, pummeling and blood letting sound that leaves you beaten and bruised once all is said and done.

Harvesting Our Decay is one hell of a debut from these death dealers from Alberta, Canada. These cuts are very solid and very well executed making this entire release well rounded and cohesive. This is an impressive debut, and the word to the wise would be to keep an eye out for these monsters in the future.

Harvesting Our Decay will be unleashed November 22.

Check out the official lyric video for the title track below!

You can pre-order this release here!

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