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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Coffin Apartment: S/T

November 30, 2019

Coffin Apartment: S/T

Utilizing blunt force trauma with hardcore, the flesh ripping aspects of death metal, the anger and spite of punk, and an overall textured and multilayered sound by way of the progressive elements, Coffin Apartment provide you with an entirely unique and head spinning sound. Ever pressing the envelope and pushing their sound to new frenetic heights, this band from Portland provides you with something entirely skin shredding and mind flaying. Forever twisting and careening from one genre to the next, Coffin Apartment treat you to a labyrinth of skull and ear splitting sound that is not to be denied.

With their whiplash inducing brand of metal, Coffin Apartment offer up a sharp and slicing sound that cleaves through you. At every twist and turn you are greeted by yet another wrinkle in the overall chaos filled fold. Forever moving and morphing from one sound to the next, Coffin Apartment keeps you on your toes as they switch gears so frequently and quickly that it leaves your head spinning. Frenetic, frantic when needed, yet down right heavy and spine shattering all the same, each of the five tracks trapped within this self titled release are all intense and brain bruising.

The genre gymnastics throughout this five track release is quite something to behold. Coffin Apartment hits you from many different and from all angles leaving you properly bruised and battered at the end of it all. With your mind forever shifted from the ever warping style of metal that Coffin Apartment plays, you still reach for the play button over and over again to get a dose of the madness that these guys provide. Each track throughout this offering is just as unique as one another, just as heavy and bone crunching and face melting making to be a unique and down right heavy release.

Overall, this self titled gem from Coffin Apartment is a sharp, blistering, brain mashing and heavy affair that you will have a tough time not listening to. With so much going on all at one time yet being seamlessly constructed in to an amalgamation of sonic destruction, you should not pass this up. If you are a fan of controlled chaos and metal that will melt your brain, you don’t have to look a whole lot further than Portland’s own Coffin Apartment.

Possession/Spite: Passio Christi Part I/ (Beyond The) Witch’s Spell

November 24, 2019

In a sickening summoning of all things damned and wicked, up from the cauldron of hate comes flesh peelers and soul destroyers Possession and Spite. Each playing a twisted brand of black metal, they merge their powers of venomous rage and destruction within this five track EP. Through and through, Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell is a blasphemous, venomous, potent and entirely life cleaving effort that leaves your soul to be consumed by the reaper once all is said and done. Without reprieve, without solace, Possession and Spite eat the light from the world as darkness collapses around you leaving you in a cold and bitter darkness as each second ticks off the run time.

The first three offerings within this split belong to Possession. Possession begins their half of the split with a two and a half minute haunting reverie before dragging you into their brand of shredding blackened death. Following the intro, Possession hits you with an eight minute blackened opus of destruction and despair. With flesh flaying riffs, ever tumultuous drumming, hellish demonic vocals and an undulating blasphemous atmosphere, Possession creates a sound that is all together piercing and life threatening. Through the three tracks that they provide for you within this split, each one is just as caustic, malevolent and malicious as the last as you are provided with top notch death tinged black metal through and through. Each offering is a summoning of malevolence and wicked spite that shreds through your soul and pierces your life leaving you as nothing more than a soulless husk once all is said and done. With their half of the split, Possession treats you to incredibly potent, venomous and damning metal that consumes and drags you asunder to where light does not reach.

Following in the scorched tracks where Possession leaves off comes Spite’s two tracks to round out the entire EP. Spite much like Possession plays a wicked and bleeding raw brand of black metal that is tinged by gnarled death. The two cuts that Spite provide here for this split are slicing maelstroms of black metal that trap you within their blackened vortex never for you to escape. Devoid of light and packed with malevolence and black magik, Spite treats you to two tracks here that tear straight through you only to lead you to an early grave. Ritualistic and soul cleaving, Spite rolls from one track to the next, conjuring up hymns of black magik and demonic essence. Each of the two tracks that Spite summons here come complete with razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by skull cracking drum work and hellish grit filled vocals that seem to have been summoned from the abyss. Both tracks are possessed, blood boiling rituals of damnation and destruction. Ever unrepentant and unrelenting, Spite ushers forth one track after the next of malice fueled black magik that sets out to consume your life, and once all is said and done, that is exactly how you will feel.

Through and through, this split is a wicked and heavy one that features two top notch bands at the apex of their genre. All five conjurations here are as wicked as the last as you are presented with nothing but five offerings of pure malevolence and darkness. This is a very solid split that features two incredible bands making this an EP that should not be passed up and looked over.

Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell will be unleashed November 29 through Invictus Productions.

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Carnifliate: Disgusting Festivities

November 21, 2019

Carnifliate: Disgusting Festivities

Imbuing humor into their brand of overall flesh ripping and skull sanding deathgrind, Slovenian horde Carnifliate usher forth Disgusting Festivities. This release features six total tracks of spine severing, disgusting and down right vile deathgrind that will make you vomit enough to eject your stomach from your body. As twisted and gruesome as each track is, they are just as heavy and hell bent on providing you with a true spine twisting and brain bashing sound, and they deliver. Through and through you become trapped in a maelstrom of bile, severed remains, putrid essence and flesh flaying metal that will have you face down in a pool of your own vomit and blood before you know it.

From beginning to end, Carnifliate mashes the pedal through the floor to offer up a truly blistering and head smashing sound that cannot and will not be denied. Without nuance, without fluff, filler or gimmick, Carnifliate usher forth a pure sonic assault that will sheer your face clean off of your skull. Forever unapologetic and unrepentant in their vile assault, Carnifliate march from track to track ripping you apart and tearing you limb from limb as they move along. There isn’t a track that is harbored within this title that will not sever your skin from flesh and flesh from bone.

Each instrument within this release is used much like a weapon and not so much as an instrument at all. As the riffs slice and cut their way through your flesh, the rapid fire drumming cracks your bones leaving you bruised, bloodied and lifeless. Each track is a furious onslaught of slaughtering and butchering deathgrind that is as unapologetic, raw, bloodied and down right twisted as you would imagine. There isn’t a moment of reprieve as you become under siege from the drop of the first bile covered note until the last.

Through and through, Disgusting Festivities is just that, but also so much more. This release is disgusting, vile and gut churning, but it is also technical, well written, well executed and more making it to be a well rounded effort. The six tracks that are featured here are skin blistering and blood boiling ones that get your neck twisting and your brain bashing against its skeletal cage for the entire run time. Overall, Disgusting Festivities is an enjoyable and entertaining release that just so happens to want to put you six feet in the ground.

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Irillion: Fatanyu

November 19, 2019

Irillion: Fatanyu

In demonic presence and essence, summoned from the crypts of ancient comes darkened horde Irillion. Titled Fatanyu, this offering features three total tracks of blistering, soul ripping, dissonant blackened assaults one right after the next. For what this release lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Through Fatanyu, Irillion treats you to three tracks one right after the next of ancient reveries of blackened metal. Each cut that is trapped within this title are just as raw, soul cleaving and blistering as the last making this to be a true bombardment of hellfire soaked blackened metal.

Irillion begins this offering with the title track that starts off leading you in with a false sense of serenity before trapping you within a pure storm of slashing and ever ripping metal. Once the onslaught begins it does not cease as Irillion presses forth with malicious and malevolent intent. Never to relent in their unrepentant sonic assault, these purveyors of all things unholy usher forth track after track of dissonant, gritty and raw black metal that snaps your head back without so much as a warning. With slashing riffs that are paired with tumultuous drumming and hellish, monstrous vocals, Irillion provides you with a well rounded and deadly sound that drags you to your early tomb.

As blistering as this release is and can be, there is an underlying sinister atmosphere that lurks and stalks beneath the more often than not ripping melodies of harsh and sharpened black metal. With the skulking atmosphere that is combined with the overall explosive and ripping nature of each track, you are treated to a sound that is well rounded, fleshed out and well executed. Through the three tracks that are present here, there isn’t one that lacks in any area as each one is just as good as the last.

As mentioned above, for what this release lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality as what you get within Fatanyu is three excellent tracks steeped in malevolence and hellfire. These tracks are very solid and very well performed and written making it an all around good and cohesive effort that you will find yourself coming back to. Overall, Fatanyu is a great release, one that will make you keep your eyes peeled for what Irillion has to offer in the future.

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Hexekration Rites: Desekration Manifesto

November 14, 2019

Hexekration Rites: Desekration Manifesto

Through the flesh tearing of death metal and the pure madness of black metal, Hexekration Rites offers up their upcoming EP titled Desekration Manifesto. A little over one year since their demo Demo XXMVII, this devilish horde unleashes yet another potent and venomous assault that features five total tracks. Each of the five tracks that are harbored within this title are as savage, blackened and barbaric as you would come to expect. Ever unrelenting and sadistic, Hexekration Rites offers up five truly soul melting and flesh tearing cuts one right after the next.

Filled with sharpened riffs, tumultuous drumming and larynx shredding vocals, Hexekration Rites hit the nail on the head with this release as they press forth with their diabolical and wicked attack never to relent until your soul has been cleaved and your flesh melted. Destructive and unwavering in their hellish assault, Hexekration Rites marches forth with their brand of devilish and blood boiling metal. From track to wicked track you are treated to nothing but flesh peeling and earth scorching metal. From the drop of the first note steeped in hellfire you become trapped in a vortex of flame and wicked evil, only to leave you as nothing more than charred remains.

Untamed, unbridled, wicked and earth scorching, Hexekration Rites offers up something here that is truly savage and terrorizing. Each track is a pure blackened aural assault that leaves you stripped of life. There is no compromise and there is no relent as Hexekration Rites treats you to five tracks steeped in pure madness and fury to provide you with a neck twisting and life expunging listen. Never to cease their terror, Hexekration Rites rumbles forth with great precision and execution to bring you to an early grave and early meeting with your maker.

Unrelenting, soul cleaving, blood draining, menacing and many more descriptors can be used to describe Desekration Manifesto. This release is top notch savagery and barbarity as Hexekration Rites provides you with five unfiltered, raw and ceaseless tracks that rip you to shreds with a terrorizing and menacing combination of death and black metal. Overall, Desekration Manifesto is a very solid release as each of the five tracks that are featured are just as good as the last.

Desekration Manifesto will be unsealed from its crypt November 22 through Atavism Records.

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Atavism Records Official Site

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

November 10, 2019

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

Emerging from their sunken tomb comes Chasmdweller, and up from their stagnant dwelling they bring along with them their upcoming full length titled Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Fleshing out all things evil, sinister, soul crushing and flesh piercing, Chasmdweller offers up seven total tracks that runs forty-five minutes total. Each of the seven offerings that are harbored within the rotted walls of this release are as savage, soul peeling and destructive as the last. Chasmdweller sews together numerous genres to create such a disturbing and wicked sound. Melting death metal, doom, black metal and others together, these crypt stalkers create a sound that is purely menacing and terrorizing.

From beginning to end you become under siege by a complete barrage of flesh peeling and vein flaying metal that cannot and will not be denied. Invoking the Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a truly monstrous and monolithic effort, one that stands tall, one that will crush you without a second thought. Flaying your flesh and draining your veins of its crimson liquid by way of blackened metal and disease ridden death, Chasmdweller also drags you asunder and has you crack under the sheer weight and pressure of the doom metal that is knit in with the other genres. Bone rattling and spine snapping, each of the seven tracks here are gnarled hymns of destruction, despair and death.

Chasmdweller summons something purely evil and sinister here with Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Not only is this release bone splintering heavy, but it has an atmosphere to it that is chilling and makes your skin crawl the entire time that you are listening. The atmosphere and ambiance haunts you, making you feel as though the reaper has come to drag your tortured soul asunder to a realm where eternal darkness reigns. Chasmdweller submerges you under each offering, smothering you in the swirling miasmal atmosphere that is very much present and potent all throughout.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a monster of a record, and for forty-five total minutes you are subject to some of the heaviest sounds to grace your gnarled and chewed up ear drums. This is an impressive debut full length record and stands tall as one of the heaviest releases this year in my opinion. Each track within this title is just as heavy, barbaric and wraith like as the last making this entire release something to truly behold. Chasmdweller nails it here with this release as they have summoned something truly impressive and down right impressive. Keep your eyes peeled for this wicked release.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle will be unleashed December 13.

You can pre-order Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle here.

Aggressive Perfector: Havoc At The Midnight Hour

November 8, 2019

Aggressive Perfector: Havoc At The Midnight Hour

Embracing evil and forging a wicked path all their own comes Aggressive Perfector with their blistering debut full length titled Havoc At The Midnight Hour. These speed metal demons offer up eight total tracks that run thirty-seven minutes of pure sinister, evil and haunting speed metal for your wicked and devilish pleasure. Packed with horror and wicked fascination with the occult, Aggressive Perfector offer up a release here that is steeped in madness and demonic fury. Each of the eight offerings that are harbored within this accursed release are as destructive and soul cleaving as the last making this to be a down right menacing and soul absorbing effort.

Frills and filler takes up no time within this madness drenched release as Aggressive Perfector offers up pure, neck wringing speed metal one track right after the next. Havoc At The Midnight Hour is a true earth scorching, head banging and neck twisting offering that does not relent until your blood has boiled and your brain has been thoroughly bruised. Wicked, packed with face melting riffs and solos as well as ever tumultuous drum work and vocals that are as gritty as they come, Aggressive Perfector treats you to a truly grave stomping affair through and through. With only the slightest of lead ins to the opening track Onward to the Cemetery, Aggressive Perfector barrels forth shortly after to provide you with their version of haunting and face cleaving speed metal that they have concocted here.

All while providing you with a maelstrom of scalding metal, these speed demons also incorporate a plethora of haunting sounds and ambient textures to give each track yet another element of bubbling evil and wickedness. Everything within Havoc At The Midnight Hour comes together in a cohesive manner to present you with a well rounded and entirely scorching and flesh melting listen. Throughout the entire thirty-seven minutes of run time, you will find yourself head banging each and every minute until your head rolls straight off of your shoulders. Havoc At The Midnight Hour is an entirely entertaining, grave stomping and face melting effort, one that you will ultimately get stuck in your head for some time to come.

Brewed in a cauldron of evil, haunted atmosphere and pure horror, Aggressive Perfector have something here that is a terrorizing record. Through and through, each track is as destructive and neck contorting as the last leaving you battered and bruised once all is said and done. Not only is the entirety of this record skin blistering and blood boiling, but it is just as memorable and addictive as well. Overall, Havoc At The Midnight Hour is a great release.

Havoc At The Midnight Hour will be unleashed November 22 through Dying Victims Productions.

Check out the official video for the track Into the Nightmare below!

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Nox Irae: Here The Dead Live

November 6, 2019

Nox Irae: Here The Dead Live

Members of the esteemed bands Catacomb have joined forces with members of Affliction Gate to create something that is ultimately skin peeling heavy, and steeped in the sound of ancient death metal. Their debut EP titled Here The Dead Live features six total tracks that blend old-school death metal and elements of thrash metal together to create an unholy, ripping and entirely memorable effort. You will find no filler here as Nox Irae shoot straight out of the gate as soon as you press play to offer you something that will surely melt your face from your skull and boil the blood that courses through your veins.

Gnarled, nasty and bone gnawing, Here The Dead Live is a flesh tearing and skull rattling effort that gets you bashing your brain against your skull in no time. Each of the six tracks that are harbored within this title will worm their way under your skin and make their home among your brain for some time to come. As heavy and neck snapping as each track is, they are just as memorable and catchy all the same making you come back for more and more of your insatiable death metal fix.

With buzzing flesh picking riffs that are coupled with ever pummeling drum work and bass lines that will rattle the spinal fluid straight out of your spine, monstrous, grit filled vocals pierce their way through the wall of buzzing death to tie everything together. Here The Dead Live is a monstrous, impressive, gnarled, nasty, flesh peeling and brain bruising effort that you simply will not be able to get enough of. Each cut within this offering is pure death with elements of thrash thrown in the mix for good neck snapping measure.

Barreling forth from the drop of the first note, Nox Irae offer up a sound that is gritty, and dripping in ancient death, pummeling you within an inch of your life until all is said and done. Forever ceaseless and disregarding of human life, these death dealers march forth from cut one to cut six leaving you a bloodied and bruised mess once all is said and done. With that said, even though you will be left near lifeless, you still find yourself coming back for more flesh tearing, and lobotomizing, grisly death. This debut EP is a solid one and a stand out for sure, and it will be exciting to see what Nox Irae has to offer in the future based off of this excellent debut.

Here The Dead Live will be unleashed November 15 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for the song All Is Over from the upcoming release below!

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Deivos: Casus Belli

November 2, 2019

Deivos: Casus Belli

Hailing from Poland and originating in 1997, Deivos has properly devastated, mutilated and maimed all of these years. Following their 2017 record Endemic Divine, these crypt defilers are set to unleash their next offering later this month titled Casus Belli. This release comes packed with eight total offerings of nothing but flesh shredding and skull piercing technical death metal. From beginning to end you become trapped in a mayhem fueled vortex of razor sharp death that tears you limb from limb leaving your head only hanging on by a thin thread. There isn’t a moment of reprieve or solace throughout this thirty-six minute onslaught as what you come face to face with is pure, unfiltered devastation.

In pure technicality, brutality and unrepentant savagery, Deivos unleash hell and then some. Each of the eight tracks that are present within this offering are just as butchering and mind splintering as the last making the entire record to be a destructive and devastating affair. Never once does Deivos let up as they press onward, ushering forth nothing but mangling and twisting death metal that leaves you as nothing more than a contorted heap of bones and flesh.

Deivos doesn’t wait around for you to get too comfortable as they fly straight out of the gate with a furious and ever slashing assault that snaps your head back before you know it. Casus Belli hits and hits hard and often leaving you an absolute wreck once all is said and done. One track after the next aims to take you to an early grave as each of the eight offerings here are just as punishing and caustic as the last. Casus Belli barrels forth with complete disregard to your life as it rips straight through you.

Heavy, tormenting, twisting, technical and skull sheering and more, Casus Belli is a release to behold. In thirty-six minutes you are treated to top notch technical death metal that does not hold back as it rips and shreds through you for each one of those minutes. Through and through,Casus Belli is a destroying and beheading effort, one that is a ceaseless onslaught of pure wreckage and devastation. Casus Belli is also a release that should not be slept on or looked over as it provides you with some seriously incredible death metal, period.

Casus Belli will be unleashed November 29 through Selfmadegod Records.

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