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Deivos: Casus Belli

November 2, 2019

Deivos: Casus Belli

Hailing from Poland and originating in 1997, Deivos has properly devastated, mutilated and maimed all of these years. Following their 2017 record Endemic Divine, these crypt defilers are set to unleash their next offering later this month titled Casus Belli. This release comes packed with eight total offerings of nothing but flesh shredding and skull piercing technical death metal. From beginning to end you become trapped in a mayhem fueled vortex of razor sharp death that tears you limb from limb leaving your head only hanging on by a thin thread. There isn’t a moment of reprieve or solace throughout this thirty-six minute onslaught as what you come face to face with is pure, unfiltered devastation.

In pure technicality, brutality and unrepentant savagery, Deivos unleash hell and then some. Each of the eight tracks that are present within this offering are just as butchering and mind splintering as the last making the entire record to be a destructive and devastating affair. Never once does Deivos let up as they press onward, ushering forth nothing but mangling and twisting death metal that leaves you as nothing more than a contorted heap of bones and flesh.

Deivos doesn’t wait around for you to get too comfortable as they fly straight out of the gate with a furious and ever slashing assault that snaps your head back before you know it. Casus Belli hits and hits hard and often leaving you an absolute wreck once all is said and done. One track after the next aims to take you to an early grave as each of the eight offerings here are just as punishing and caustic as the last. Casus Belli barrels forth with complete disregard to your life as it rips straight through you.

Heavy, tormenting, twisting, technical and skull sheering and more, Casus Belli is a release to behold. In thirty-six minutes you are treated to top notch technical death metal that does not hold back as it rips and shreds through you for each one of those minutes. Through and through,Casus Belli is a destroying and beheading effort, one that is a ceaseless onslaught of pure wreckage and devastation. Casus Belli is also a release that should not be slept on or looked over as it provides you with some seriously incredible death metal, period.

Casus Belli will be unleashed November 29 through Selfmadegod Records.

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