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Aggressive Perfector: Havoc At The Midnight Hour

November 8, 2019

Aggressive Perfector: Havoc At The Midnight Hour

Embracing evil and forging a wicked path all their own comes Aggressive Perfector with their blistering debut full length titled Havoc At The Midnight Hour. These speed metal demons offer up eight total tracks that run thirty-seven minutes of pure sinister, evil and haunting speed metal for your wicked and devilish pleasure. Packed with horror and wicked fascination with the occult, Aggressive Perfector offer up a release here that is steeped in madness and demonic fury. Each of the eight offerings that are harbored within this accursed release are as destructive and soul cleaving as the last making this to be a down right menacing and soul absorbing effort.

Frills and filler takes up no time within this madness drenched release as Aggressive Perfector offers up pure, neck wringing speed metal one track right after the next. Havoc At The Midnight Hour is a true earth scorching, head banging and neck twisting offering that does not relent until your blood has boiled and your brain has been thoroughly bruised. Wicked, packed with face melting riffs and solos as well as ever tumultuous drum work and vocals that are as gritty as they come, Aggressive Perfector treats you to a truly grave stomping affair through and through. With only the slightest of lead ins to the opening track Onward to the Cemetery, Aggressive Perfector barrels forth shortly after to provide you with their version of haunting and face cleaving speed metal that they have concocted here.

All while providing you with a maelstrom of scalding metal, these speed demons also incorporate a plethora of haunting sounds and ambient textures to give each track yet another element of bubbling evil and wickedness. Everything within Havoc At The Midnight Hour comes together in a cohesive manner to present you with a well rounded and entirely scorching and flesh melting listen. Throughout the entire thirty-seven minutes of run time, you will find yourself head banging each and every minute until your head rolls straight off of your shoulders. Havoc At The Midnight Hour is an entirely entertaining, grave stomping and face melting effort, one that you will ultimately get stuck in your head for some time to come.

Brewed in a cauldron of evil, haunted atmosphere and pure horror, Aggressive Perfector have something here that is a terrorizing record. Through and through, each track is as destructive and neck contorting as the last leaving you battered and bruised once all is said and done. Not only is the entirety of this record skin blistering and blood boiling, but it is just as memorable and addictive as well. Overall, Havoc At The Midnight Hour is a great release.

Havoc At The Midnight Hour will be unleashed November 22 through Dying Victims Productions.

Check out the official video for the track Into the Nightmare below!

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