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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

November 10, 2019

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

Emerging from their sunken tomb comes Chasmdweller, and up from their stagnant dwelling they bring along with them their upcoming full length titled Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Fleshing out all things evil, sinister, soul crushing and flesh piercing, Chasmdweller offers up seven total tracks that runs forty-five minutes total. Each of the seven offerings that are harbored within the rotted walls of this release are as savage, soul peeling and destructive as the last. Chasmdweller sews together numerous genres to create such a disturbing and wicked sound. Melting death metal, doom, black metal and others together, these crypt stalkers create a sound that is purely menacing and terrorizing.

From beginning to end you become under siege by a complete barrage of flesh peeling and vein flaying metal that cannot and will not be denied. Invoking the Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a truly monstrous and monolithic effort, one that stands tall, one that will crush you without a second thought. Flaying your flesh and draining your veins of its crimson liquid by way of blackened metal and disease ridden death, Chasmdweller also drags you asunder and has you crack under the sheer weight and pressure of the doom metal that is knit in with the other genres. Bone rattling and spine snapping, each of the seven tracks here are gnarled hymns of destruction, despair and death.

Chasmdweller summons something purely evil and sinister here with Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Not only is this release bone splintering heavy, but it has an atmosphere to it that is chilling and makes your skin crawl the entire time that you are listening. The atmosphere and ambiance haunts you, making you feel as though the reaper has come to drag your tortured soul asunder to a realm where eternal darkness reigns. Chasmdweller submerges you under each offering, smothering you in the swirling miasmal atmosphere that is very much present and potent all throughout.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a monster of a record, and for forty-five total minutes you are subject to some of the heaviest sounds to grace your gnarled and chewed up ear drums. This is an impressive debut full length record and stands tall as one of the heaviest releases this year in my opinion. Each track within this title is just as heavy, barbaric and wraith like as the last making this entire release something to truly behold. Chasmdweller nails it here with this release as they have summoned something truly impressive and down right impressive. Keep your eyes peeled for this wicked release.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle will be unleashed December 13.

You can pre-order Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle here.

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