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Hexekration Rites: Desekration Manifesto

November 14, 2019

Hexekration Rites: Desekration Manifesto

Through the flesh tearing of death metal and the pure madness of black metal, Hexekration Rites offers up their upcoming EP titled Desekration Manifesto. A little over one year since their demo Demo XXMVII, this devilish horde unleashes yet another potent and venomous assault that features five total tracks. Each of the five tracks that are harbored within this title are as savage, blackened and barbaric as you would come to expect. Ever unrelenting and sadistic, Hexekration Rites offers up five truly soul melting and flesh tearing cuts one right after the next.

Filled with sharpened riffs, tumultuous drumming and larynx shredding vocals, Hexekration Rites hit the nail on the head with this release as they press forth with their diabolical and wicked attack never to relent until your soul has been cleaved and your flesh melted. Destructive and unwavering in their hellish assault, Hexekration Rites marches forth with their brand of devilish and blood boiling metal. From track to wicked track you are treated to nothing but flesh peeling and earth scorching metal. From the drop of the first note steeped in hellfire you become trapped in a vortex of flame and wicked evil, only to leave you as nothing more than charred remains.

Untamed, unbridled, wicked and earth scorching, Hexekration Rites offers up something here that is truly savage and terrorizing. Each track is a pure blackened aural assault that leaves you stripped of life. There is no compromise and there is no relent as Hexekration Rites treats you to five tracks steeped in pure madness and fury to provide you with a neck twisting and life expunging listen. Never to cease their terror, Hexekration Rites rumbles forth with great precision and execution to bring you to an early grave and early meeting with your maker.

Unrelenting, soul cleaving, blood draining, menacing and many more descriptors can be used to describe Desekration Manifesto. This release is top notch savagery and barbarity as Hexekration Rites provides you with five unfiltered, raw and ceaseless tracks that rip you to shreds with a terrorizing and menacing combination of death and black metal. Overall, Desekration Manifesto is a very solid release as each of the five tracks that are featured are just as good as the last.

Desekration Manifesto will be unsealed from its crypt November 22 through Atavism Records.

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