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Irillion: Fatanyu

November 19, 2019

Irillion: Fatanyu

In demonic presence and essence, summoned from the crypts of ancient comes darkened horde Irillion. Titled Fatanyu, this offering features three total tracks of blistering, soul ripping, dissonant blackened assaults one right after the next. For what this release lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Through Fatanyu, Irillion treats you to three tracks one right after the next of ancient reveries of blackened metal. Each cut that is trapped within this title are just as raw, soul cleaving and blistering as the last making this to be a true bombardment of hellfire soaked blackened metal.

Irillion begins this offering with the title track that starts off leading you in with a false sense of serenity before trapping you within a pure storm of slashing and ever ripping metal. Once the onslaught begins it does not cease as Irillion presses forth with malicious and malevolent intent. Never to relent in their unrepentant sonic assault, these purveyors of all things unholy usher forth track after track of dissonant, gritty and raw black metal that snaps your head back without so much as a warning. With slashing riffs that are paired with tumultuous drumming and hellish, monstrous vocals, Irillion provides you with a well rounded and deadly sound that drags you to your early tomb.

As blistering as this release is and can be, there is an underlying sinister atmosphere that lurks and stalks beneath the more often than not ripping melodies of harsh and sharpened black metal. With the skulking atmosphere that is combined with the overall explosive and ripping nature of each track, you are treated to a sound that is well rounded, fleshed out and well executed. Through the three tracks that are present here, there isn’t one that lacks in any area as each one is just as good as the last.

As mentioned above, for what this release lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality as what you get within Fatanyu is three excellent tracks steeped in malevolence and hellfire. These tracks are very solid and very well performed and written making it an all around good and cohesive effort that you will find yourself coming back to. Overall, Fatanyu is a great release, one that will make you keep your eyes peeled for what Irillion has to offer in the future.

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