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Carnifliate: Disgusting Festivities

November 21, 2019

Carnifliate: Disgusting Festivities

Imbuing humor into their brand of overall flesh ripping and skull sanding deathgrind, Slovenian horde Carnifliate usher forth Disgusting Festivities. This release features six total tracks of spine severing, disgusting and down right vile deathgrind that will make you vomit enough to eject your stomach from your body. As twisted and gruesome as each track is, they are just as heavy and hell bent on providing you with a true spine twisting and brain bashing sound, and they deliver. Through and through you become trapped in a maelstrom of bile, severed remains, putrid essence and flesh flaying metal that will have you face down in a pool of your own vomit and blood before you know it.

From beginning to end, Carnifliate mashes the pedal through the floor to offer up a truly blistering and head smashing sound that cannot and will not be denied. Without nuance, without fluff, filler or gimmick, Carnifliate usher forth a pure sonic assault that will sheer your face clean off of your skull. Forever unapologetic and unrepentant in their vile assault, Carnifliate march from track to track ripping you apart and tearing you limb from limb as they move along. There isn’t a track that is harbored within this title that will not sever your skin from flesh and flesh from bone.

Each instrument within this release is used much like a weapon and not so much as an instrument at all. As the riffs slice and cut their way through your flesh, the rapid fire drumming cracks your bones leaving you bruised, bloodied and lifeless. Each track is a furious onslaught of slaughtering and butchering deathgrind that is as unapologetic, raw, bloodied and down right twisted as you would imagine. There isn’t a moment of reprieve as you become under siege from the drop of the first bile covered note until the last.

Through and through, Disgusting Festivities is just that, but also so much more. This release is disgusting, vile and gut churning, but it is also technical, well written, well executed and more making it to be a well rounded effort. The six tracks that are featured here are skin blistering and blood boiling ones that get your neck twisting and your brain bashing against its skeletal cage for the entire run time. Overall, Disgusting Festivities is an enjoyable and entertaining release that just so happens to want to put you six feet in the ground.

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