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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Possession/Spite: Passio Christi Part I/ (Beyond The) Witch’s Spell

November 24, 2019

In a sickening summoning of all things damned and wicked, up from the cauldron of hate comes flesh peelers and soul destroyers Possession and Spite. Each playing a twisted brand of black metal, they merge their powers of venomous rage and destruction within this five track EP. Through and through, Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell is a blasphemous, venomous, potent and entirely life cleaving effort that leaves your soul to be consumed by the reaper once all is said and done. Without reprieve, without solace, Possession and Spite eat the light from the world as darkness collapses around you leaving you in a cold and bitter darkness as each second ticks off the run time.

The first three offerings within this split belong to Possession. Possession begins their half of the split with a two and a half minute haunting reverie before dragging you into their brand of shredding blackened death. Following the intro, Possession hits you with an eight minute blackened opus of destruction and despair. With flesh flaying riffs, ever tumultuous drumming, hellish demonic vocals and an undulating blasphemous atmosphere, Possession creates a sound that is all together piercing and life threatening. Through the three tracks that they provide for you within this split, each one is just as caustic, malevolent and malicious as the last as you are provided with top notch death tinged black metal through and through. Each offering is a summoning of malevolence and wicked spite that shreds through your soul and pierces your life leaving you as nothing more than a soulless husk once all is said and done. With their half of the split, Possession treats you to incredibly potent, venomous and damning metal that consumes and drags you asunder to where light does not reach.

Following in the scorched tracks where Possession leaves off comes Spite’s two tracks to round out the entire EP. Spite much like Possession plays a wicked and bleeding raw brand of black metal that is tinged by gnarled death. The two cuts that Spite provide here for this split are slicing maelstroms of black metal that trap you within their blackened vortex never for you to escape. Devoid of light and packed with malevolence and black magik, Spite treats you to two tracks here that tear straight through you only to lead you to an early grave. Ritualistic and soul cleaving, Spite rolls from one track to the next, conjuring up hymns of black magik and demonic essence. Each of the two tracks that Spite summons here come complete with razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by skull cracking drum work and hellish grit filled vocals that seem to have been summoned from the abyss. Both tracks are possessed, blood boiling rituals of damnation and destruction. Ever unrepentant and unrelenting, Spite ushers forth one track after the next of malice fueled black magik that sets out to consume your life, and once all is said and done, that is exactly how you will feel.

Through and through, this split is a wicked and heavy one that features two top notch bands at the apex of their genre. All five conjurations here are as wicked as the last as you are presented with nothing but five offerings of pure malevolence and darkness. This is a very solid split that features two incredible bands making this an EP that should not be passed up and looked over.

Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell will be unleashed November 29 through Invictus Productions.

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